Ron Paul Live from UC Davis 10pm EST

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Join Ron Paul at the University of California – Davis for a town hall organized by Youth for Ron Paul and the University of California – Davis chapter–at the West Memorial Union Quad at 7pm/10pm EST on Thursday, May 3, 2012.

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…Check out this excellent article from the Washington Times while you await the video.

Ron Paul delegate strategy is perfectly legitimate

For at least a month, the media have been ignoring compelling evidence that Ron Paul is doing much better in the Republican nomination race than he did in the primary/caucus popular votes. In their hurry to write the general election narrative, the media have forgotten to perform their primary function: to report the facts. The facts are that Ron Paul has won at least two states and will likely win more.

Now that Paul’s success is impossible to ignore, the media are writing a new narrative. Headlines like “Ron Paul’s stealth state convention takeover” and “Ron Paul People Playing Mischief with Delegates” indicate that instead of ignoring Paul’s victories, they now seek to imply that there is something sneaky or unfair about them. Some even suggest that his delegate success in states where he did not win the popular vote may even (gasp!) “undermine democracy…”

Ron Paul’s strategy takes advantage of the republican nature of the nomination process. That process does not rely purely on a popular vote to determine who will be the nominee. Instead, voters must go through a multi-tiered vetting process of successive elections in order to become a delegate to the RNC.

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Here’s a short and sweet video from FOX admitting that Ron Paul will have enough delegates to appear on the ballot at Tampa:

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