5 Things You Can Do to Oppose Bombing Syria

Okay, how about something practical we can all do to oppose the bombing of Syria? First off, take heart. More than any other time in recent history, more people are speaking out against this latest push for war than I can ever remember. You are not alone. See important news updates down below the 1-5 list.

Second, don’t be annoying. Don’t be this guy.

Here are 5 things you can do to effectively oppose the bombing of Syria.

1. Be fact-based and use arguments based on constitutional principles. These tweets from Rep. Justin Amash are a great example. Don’t have Twitter? Copy and paste (and share) this quote:

Congress hasn’t authorized war against Syria. Unless Pres Trump expects imminent attack on U.S., use of force is unconstitutional & illegal.

Be sure to read and share this entire thread from Rep. Justin Amash.

2. Call the White House and your Congressmen/women. You can use this link: https://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/

3. Change your social media profile pic. Find more images here.

Here’s a website you can use to change your pic:

4. Pray.

5. Share these recent clips of Tucker Carlson:

Hope for the best and do your work.

UPDATE: Syria Will Allow Inspectors To Visit Site Of Alleged Chemical Attack

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