Eric Braverman Found? Or is this a cover?

UPDATE JUNE 2017: Eric Braverman’s first live appearance (since the Podesta emails release by WikiLeaks) at University of Oxford, UK.

UPDATE March 1, 2017. I recently posted some video updates on my adventures following the mystery of Eric Braverman. Scroll down below for the sources covered in these videos.

Part 2:

UPDATES: Zerohedge recently covered the story we reported back on January 18th with some new details involving the Podestas.

UPDATE: So far there has been no confirmation of Eric Braverman showing up to teach his classes at Yale. He had a class on the schedule for the 27th.

After 87 days of vanishing from the public, Eric Braverman, ex-CEO of the Clinton Foundation, has now appeared in the public record of a press release from Alphabet Inc.

Eric Braverman, the former CEO of the Clinton Foundation, has been hired to oversee the non-investment side of the family office of Alphabet Inc. Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt and his wife, Wendy.

Braverman will be in charge of the philanthropic arm of the Menlo Park-based Eric and Wendy Schmidt Group, an official with the organization told the Silicon Valley Business Journal. The group has given away hundreds of millions of dollars for environmental and other causes… More.

Case closed, right?

Well, not really. Not yet…

Snopes deserves some credit for not taking this latest PR as proof Braverman is no longer missing. They are still calling the rumors “unproven.” After all, he still hasn’t been photographed holding today’s New York Times!

I reached out to the author of the Biz Journal article, above, and he confirmed that he had no direct contact with Eric Braverman.

After many hours, you’ll notice Mr. Braverman hasn’t retweeted or ‘liked’ this announcement from Wendy Schmidt. Wendy is likely his manager or co-worker in this new project.

Notice this from a Politico journalist…

Until Eric Braverman gives an interview or a press conference…it looks like #FakeNews is all we’ve got.

Note: Alphabet Inc. is a multinational conglomerate founded on October 2, 2015, by the two founders of Google.

Eric Schmidt is a big Hillary Clinton donor and supporter as revealed by WikiLeaks.

“I met with Eric Schmidt tonight,” John Podesta, the longtime Hillary Clinton adviser, told campaign manager-in-waiting Robby Mook in April 2014, more than a year before Clinton announced her candidacy for president.

Eric Schmidt is a member of:

Eric Schmidt just met with President-Elect Donald Trump for the second time.

Makes you wonder if this Alphabet Inc. is just a new cover for the Clinton Foundation…

As stated above, until Eric Braverman appears in public to answer questions, rumors will still abound that he’s dead, in hiding or being protected by the F.B.I. or Deep State.

I’m not claiming to endorse the contents of the above video, but it’s an example of the wild rumors that will continue to grow until he makes a live appearance and takes questions.

Update: Eric Braverman is scheduled to teach a course at Yale on the 27th of January. Will he show up?

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