Panel discusses ‘Philosophies of Diversity’ in whitest way imaginable

How else would a bunch of philosophers in California begin a panel discussion on diversity? In the whitest way imaginable.

You gotta love the title, “Philosopies (pies?) of Diversity: Multiplying, Intersecting, Pluralizing and Planetizing the Love of Wisdom.”

You might watch this clip from “Fantastic Planet” at the same time:

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion and the Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness Forum are co-sponsoring this panel discussion focused on the importance of diversifying philosophy and on various ways that diversity can be theorized and practiced.

To be fair, Matthew Segall makes some fascinating observations on how the alt-right has used relativism and identity politics (tools of the progressive movement) against the ‘progressive’ movement. Here’s the clip:

You can find Matthew’s Youtube channel here.

In full disclosure, I consider myself to be ‘friends’ with Matthew Segall, however hair-brained his worldview may be. He’s the first Youtube star (he was a ‘star’ to me) I ever eventually met in-person. Back in 2007, he was one of the voices on Youtube pointing out positive aspects of some of Ron Paul’s ideas. Don’t worry, California, I’m sure he’s down with the socialist cause, these days!

Just a brief note: It strikes me how academics, especially philosopher-types, on the ‘progressive’ side of things seem to be creating a new religion of sorts. There are cardinal sins and more excommunications than Rome could ever compete with. Just take a look at the Wikipedia page on “Intersectionality,” and explain to me how this isn’t a religion?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m down with religion.

To be continued…

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