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Rand Paul speaks out on Bundy Ranch issue

Hear the full radio segment here:

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LIVE BLOG on the Bundy Ranch Situation

The following is a collection of up-to-the-minute tweets on the Bundy Ranch situation. Videos posted below. View at your own discretion:
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VIDEO: Snowden Testifiying in Europe

Edward Snowden revealed in testimony today that the GCHQ (likely in collaboration with the NSA) specifically targeted religious conservatives in Germany–obtaining sexual imagery on a mass scale from webcams without warrants.
Audio is now available:

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US whistleblower Edward Snowden will testify at a parliamentary hearing on ‘mass surveillance’ at the plenary session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) in Strasbourg on Tuesday April 8 at 2pm CET.

Video clip:

Two minute timeline of Edward Snowden’s revelations:

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An Insurance Agent’s Perspective on Obamacare

Being an independent insurance agent who has been selling Obamacare through Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield since I began working for a new agency in February, I’d thought it would be of some value to share my own thoughts and statistics regarding my recent experience with selling ACA insurance.

Of the 30 individuals I sold qualified health plan coverage to, only 2 were under the age of 40 (or about 7%). The average age of the people I signed up was 51 while the average premium per person was only $61.79. I signed up a big fat zero people off of the exchange onto a qualified health plan because their premiums would have surpassed the heavens. As can be plainly deduced from these numbers, young people are still shying away from health insurance whether it is subsidized or not and those purchasing it are at least being substantially subsidized, if not completely in some cases.

As an aside, the age composition of insureds is greatly hindered by the ACA’s own rules about who gets subsidy – those under 258% of the poverty level can’t even get health coverage with a qualified health plan for people under the age 20! Instead, they’re pushed onto state-subsidized plans and state medicaid programs.

The commission I will be receiving as a result of my sales is $19 per month per person, the standard commission for ACA plans throughout the nation. However, I won’t be seeing a penny of it from Anthem until 45 days following the effective date of the policy, whereas our alternative health insurance carrier (a non-ACA company) pays 15% commission and within a month of the sale – a big difference in incentives for agents to push one company over another.

Adverse selection is definitely present and I’m sure it will be back again with a vengeance come November…

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Neocon Philip Klein claims ‘Captain America 2′ written by Alex Jones and Glenn Greenwald

Philip Klein from the Washington Examiner can’t abide the idea that a movie based on a comic book would dare to question the edicts of the ruling class. You know you’re a neocon if…

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BREAKING: Senior CIA Official Commits Suicide

A senior CIA official has died in an apparent suicide this week from injuries sustained after jumping off a building in northern Virginia, according to sources close to the CIA.

CIA spokesman Christopher White confirmed the death and said the incident did not take place at CIA headquarters in McLean, Va.

We can confirm that there was an individual fatally injured at a facility where agency work is done…He was rushed to a local area hospital where he subsequently died. Due to privacy reasons and out of respect for the family, we are not releasing additional information at this time.

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FLASHBACK: Ron Paul calls out the CIA circa 1988

Ron Paul standing by the ‘accusation’ that he would abolish the CIA during a FOX debate circa 2007. FIREWORKS:

What do you say?

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Video: Rand Paul takes on Obamacare number ‘surge’

For the Rand Fans…Many of our updates come from, one of the sub-forums over at

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Dick Cheney Secret Recording at Jewish Coalition event

In a speech at the Republican Jewish Coalition’s spring meeting in Las Vegas over the weekend, former Vice President Dick Cheney slammed the “isolationists” within the GOP, defended the National Security Agency spy program and, of course, criticized President Barack Obama.

Cheney’s remarks were closed to the press, but audio of the speech obtained by Mother Jones was posted online Tuesday:

“That we have created in the National Security Agency this monster bureaucracy that’s reading everybody’s mail, listening to everybody’s phone calls, infringing upon our civil liberties and civil rights — hogwash,” Cheney said at the March 29 event. “It probably would’ve allowed us to stop 9/11.

…Cheney also commented on the crop of possible 2016 candidates, including Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul.

“One of the things that concerns me first about the campaign, that I’m worried about, is what I sense to be an increasing strain of isolationism, if I can put it in those terms, in our own party,” Cheney said. “It’s not taking over, by any means, but there is without question a body of thought now that’s supported by many Republicans and some candidates that the United States can afford to turn its back on [the Middle East].

“The United States’ position in [the Middle East] is worse than at any time in my lifetime,” Cheney said. “It’s reached the point where Israel and Egypt, [the United Arab] Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Jordan are closer to one another — imagine that — than any of them is to us. … Nobody who’s been our friend in the past any longer has any sense of trust in we’ll keep our commitments, that we’ll be there in a crisis when they need us. On the other hand, none of our adversaries need fear us…”


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And because governments are SO efficient at solving problems, when can we be introduced to our new scientific overlords? (NYT: Rising Seas)

And remember, we read DailyKos so you won’t have to…

It’s a matter of profit. There is no clear path to profiting off green energy any time in the near future. The market is going to take its time to transition away from fossil fuels. Time that we might not have…This is the nature of capitalism, where with enough money you can buy reality and twist it to your own needs.

The capitalist system simply isn’t equipped to deal with the problem of global warming. It has been able to roughly adapt to economic problems, ones that solely deal with the stability of capital. This time it has to adapt to a far more severe problem on grounds that it uncomfortable with. It seems clear to me that it just isn’t responsible to allow the capitalist system continue when it has consistently shown how little it cares about the most important problem that humanity has every faced… – Immanent Critique

Just be warned, this is what happens if you question the overlords over there in the comments. By the way, you’ve gotta stop eating meat:

Reducing meat consumption is not anywhere near as important for the individual to do as reducing direct consumption of energy in all of its forms…Saying that meat consumption is the most important thing a person can do to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions impact is just plain wrong and unscientific advice… – LakeSuperior

He’s been trolling your diaries for some time. Engaging in debate is one thing. Sewing the seeds of doubt is quite another. I’ve already contacted the admins and I encourage others to do the same so we can sort out what team he’s on. As your diary points out we no longer have time to mess around with people who continue to ignore the facts. Time for LS to put up or shut up…

Did you even read the UN report or are you just content to regurgitate industry press releases? You’re comparing US numbers with worldwide numbers by the UN. When did the EPA do a study of global greenhouse gas emissions and the associating factors? Show me that and you have a valid comparison. Until then you’re just doing what you’ve always done: sewing the seeds of doubt about climate change facts. – Jason Hackman

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14-year old can save Gov’t $400,000,000 by switching to Garamond font

Using the General Services Administration’s estimated annual cost of ink — $467 million — Suvir concluded that if the federal government used Garamond exclusively it could save nearly 30% — or $136 million per year. An additional $234 million could be saved annually if state governments also jumped on board, he reported…

(CNN) — An e. You can write it with one fluid swoop of a pen or one tap of the keyboard. The most commonly used letter in the English dictionary. Simple, right?
Now imagine it printed out millions of times on thousands of forms and documents. Then think of how much ink would be needed.
OK, so that may have been a first for you, but it came naturally to 14-year-old Suvir Mirchandani when he was trying to think of ways to cut waste and save money at his Pittsburgh-area middle school.

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Tell me what you think; is this the same Suvir in the video? He appears to be a fantastic pianist as well as a brilliant young man:

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