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IRAQ, TOTAL QUAGMIRE! General says bombing ineffective

On Monday, a top Pentagon official, Army Lieutenant General William Mayville, said the U.S. strikes are unlikely to have a major impact on the overall capacity of the Islamic State.

U.S. airstrikes in northern Iraq have slowed ISIL’s operational tempo and temporarily disrupted their advances toward the province of Erbil. However, these strikes are unlikely to affect ISIL’s overall capabilitiesI in no way want to suggest that we have effectively contained or that we are somehow breaking the momentum of the threat posed by ISIL. …There are no plans to expand the current air campaign.

Are there any doubts that nation building in Iraq has led to a total quagmire?

Today’s broadcast from Democracy Now! covers the above statement from Lt. General Mayville and includes an interview with Glenn Greenwald. It goes without saying that Democracy Now is a far left (basically socialist) news source, however their coverage of civil liberties and foreign policy issues provides a needed resource. [Audio] if the video doesn’t work. Continue Reading →

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Laura Ingraham, You’ve come a long way, baby!

…I think we try to do all these things in Iraq. Now Iraq is worse off. I mean, I hate to say that, but Iraq is worse than before we went into Iraq. Christians are gone. There’s no sense of order at all. Saddam Hussein is gone. That’s a good thing, but what’s left? A more emboldened Islamic state. Not contained apparently even by U.S. air strikes.

FLASHBACK: Remember when Laura Ingraham was marching lockstep with the neocons?

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LIVE BLOG: Possible Iraq Coup – Situation in Baghdad


A potential coup is brewing in Baghdad as special forces have been deployed by embattled Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, as the United States reaffirms their support for Iraqi President Fouad Masoum who al-Maliki has accused of violating the Constitution. Stay tuned for more updates. Continue Reading →

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CNN too distracted by giant hornets to remember geography class

This is just fun for a giggle…I do wonder if any of their viewers noticed. You know…out of all 34. Probably distracted by the giant hornets…Watch out!

Other classic CNN moments:

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Intense interview with young man who fled ISIS in Iraq

My heart goes out to these people who are fleeing the brutal violence spreading over Iraq right now. This interview is intense…


The American people must grapple with the fact that bombs are never “surgical.” Bombing will always eventually kill civilians. If you think Hamas is blending in with a civilian population, wait till you are trying to track down ISIS militants who could be in a Toyota pickup. When we end up killing civilians with our bombing campaign, will this end up being an additional recruiting tool for ISIS?

Regardless, my prayers go out to the Christians and all of the refugees who are caught in this awful mess. Honestly, if I was the President I’m not sure what I would do…

What actions would you take as President against ISIS in Iraq?

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Can you watch this shark video without jumping?

REMUS SharkCam: The hunter and the hunted from Woods Hole Oceanographic Inst. on Vimeo.

…I jumped! I highly recommend pre-loading this video in full screen on your computer or phone and asking a friend or family member to see if they can find the rare unicorn-squid captured for the first time in this video. A well timed grab at the back of the neck or the knee should complete the experience for your beloved friend or family member!

(Christian Science Monitor) Discovery News featured an edited compilation of these interactions with great whites made by researchers from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute (WHOI). The video shows curious sharks swimming around the camera and occasionally attacking it and seeming somewhat confused when their prey isn’t immediately crushed between their powerful jaws.

The footage comes from a Discovery-sponsored autonomous underwater vehicle called the SharkCam, on a 2013 expedition to study sharks in waters near Guadalupe Island, off Baja Mexico’s west coast…The five-foot-long, 80-lb., torpedo-shaped SharkCam is equipped with six GoPro video cameras, giving scientists a spectacular panoramic view of the autonomous vehicle’s surroundings.

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Anatomy of “We tortured some folks”

“…we did some things that were wrong. We did a whole lot of things that were right, but we tortured some folks. We did some things that were contrary to our values.” – President Barack Obama 8/1/14

I’ve had a few days to mull over those words since last Friday when our president made them at the conclusion of a briefing with reporters in the White House.

Now, As a salesman, I recognize that wonderful word “folks” sticking out like a swollen sore thumb.

It was about a year ago when a fellow salesman recommended that I start using the f-word during sales conversations. He would use the word when referring to the company he was calling with the expression, “…and I was wondering how you folks handle your [insert the service you are selling; marketing, staffing, I.T.].

He elaborated, “People are used to hearing “you folks” and “the folks” from Bill O’Reilly on Fox and it just kind of glides by without sounding confrontational.”

I swallowed my pride and tried it. It worked brilliantly. Fewer decision makers and secretaries (we affectionally call them, “gatekeepers”) hung up on me or became defensive on the phone. While it’s a primitive word it just feels all warm and fuzzy, doesn’t it? Who wouldn’t wanna be one of the folks? And while everybody may not collect folks music, everyone loves “O Brother, Where Art Thou?”

And now I’m thinking about “folk music”…Wow, there are a million directions we could take this! Oblige me for a minute.

Consider how folk songs are often the delivery mechanism for extremely dark and terrifying subject matter. Take ”You Are My Sunshine,” for example. If I were to ask you to rate that song on a ‘happiness scale’ of 1-10, 10 being extremely pleasant and happy, most of you would rate the song as being generally a happy song. Now, some of you actually know the lyrics. What could be darker than (?),

You told me once dear you really loved me
That no one else could come between
But now you’ve left me and love another
You have shattered all my dreams.

A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down…

What about this “we” bit? “We tortured some folks.” This is the part that hit me this morning. How sick is that? Did you torture “some folks?”

O, I get it. This means that no one is going to be held accountable, right?

It’s somewhat impressive to see a post on this subject over at the leftist/socialist site DailyKos. They usually contort themselves into pretzels to defend their president:

…When were “us” consulted about this? When did “us” demand that “folks” get tortured? Didn’t “us” have some, um, laws about torture?

It seems to me that “us” weren’t in the loop. I don’t remember at any time a movement of “us” demanding that the US withdraw from the UN Convention on Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment.

Sanctimonious? Eat my shorts! Some of us “folks” are just asking you to do your job. Binding U.S. law requires prosecutions for those who authorize torture…

Read more:

Some more ‘folk music’ from the movie, “A Mighty Wind.”

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What you missed at YALCon14

UPDATE: Today, Ron Paul appeared on C-SPAN for three hours–taking questions and talking about his books. This has very little to do with YALCon14, but I thought you might enjoy it. Down below you’ll find the YALCon14 highlights.

For the past few days, Young Americans for Liberty has been conducting their yearly convention featuring speakers involved in the ‘Liberty Movement’ and leaders on the front lines in the fight for privacy and civil liberties. Down below you’ll see some video highlights.

We’ll start with the man, the legend, RON PAUL! You’ll want to skip ahead to around 18:30 to see Jeff Frazee’s intro for Ron Paul:

Senator Rand Paul: Continue Reading →

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Another Mom arrested for allowing child to play and walk, gasp, ALONE!

How many of our parents and grandparents would have been in jail back in the good ol’ days?

(DailyCaller) A Florida mother says she is bewildered after she was arrested and charged with child neglect for letting her son walk to a nearby park alone.

“I’m totally dumbfounded by this whole situation…”

Just a few days ago, another similar story:

Plenty of working parents can relate to the dilemma Debra Harrell faced when her 9-year-old daughter asked to play unsupervised in a park this summer. How do you find the time and money for child care when school is out?

Harrell’s answer to that question got her arrested. She spent 17 days in jail, temporarily lost custody of her girl, thought she lost her job, and still faces 10 years in prison if convicted of felony child neglect…


I can’t wait to hear what America’s Worst Mom thinks about this latest story! UPDATE: Lenore Skenazy posted at Reason just a few hours ago:

…Never mind that research has shown living on the same block as a registered sex offender does not make kids less safe. It seems the cops bought into the idea that predators are everywhere, always waiting to pounce, and simply because the worst could happen—no matter how extremely unlikely—children can never be left unsupervised in well-lit, popular public parks.

free-range-kidsLet me reiterate here that these arrests are uncommon—that’s why they make the news—and should not dissuade parents from sending their kids to play. On the contrary, the more kids running around outside again, the more normal it will seem, and perhaps these excessive fears will subside.

Or else we’ll be living under a de facto policy of No Child Left Outside. (Read her full post here.)

Watch Reason’s interview with Lenore Skenazy:

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Did the WSJ just endorse Bin Laden’s rationale for killing civilians in Gaza?

No doubt, the situation is tense and complicated–to put it mildly–in Gaza. However, think carefully about the rationale being put forward by the MSM and establishment political leaders.




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