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All the crazy news on ISIS and Ukraine/Russia

Although this is from Friday, this is an informative discussion on Ukraine and ISIS. I heard this as I drove through St. Louis this weekend.

I always grimace when I’m forced to post news from Democracy Now! (Socialism Now!) However, they are one of the few domestic sources for a balanced view on the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. In short, we are pressuring Ukraine to join NATO–essentially an anti-Russia group from the point of view of Russians. MSM won’t dare to touch that issue. Click to play the report:

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How Much of a War Hawk is Hillary?

Has Hillary Clinton ever met a war she didn’t want to start? Here’s a compilation of all her best war-hawkish moments.

Hillary on her big success in Libya (What difference does it make?!)

“Take ‘em out!” (Uncontrollable cackling…)

UPDATE: This video of Hillary meeting with Code Pink before she voted for the Iraq War is so cringe worthy that I dare not post it directly. She talks about how she must vote for war for the good of the Iraqi people. LINK.

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Liberals finally react to Rand Paul calling Hillary a “War Hawk”

If you haven’t seen Rand Paul’s interview on Meet The Press today, scroll down and watch it. What I want to take a look at here in this post is the left’s reaction. Why? O, I don’t know–it’s just fun to watch the left freak out! And he did more than just call Hillary a “war hawk.” Rand Paul had the audacity to call Iraq, “Hillary’s War.”

…like Hillary Clinton, who, she fought her own war, Hillary’s War, you know, people are gonna find that, and I think that’s what scares the Democrats the most, is that in a general election, were I to run, there’s gonna be a lot of independents and even some Democrats who say, “You know what, we are tired of war. We’re worried that Hillary Clinton will get us involved in another Middle Eastern war, because she’s so gung-ho…If you wanna see a transformational election in our country, let the Democrats put forward a war hawk like Hillary Clinton, and you’ll see a transformation like you’ve never seen. – Sen. Rand Paul

…Here’s a choice example from ‘BlueIntrigue’ over at the far left site, DailyKos:

First, here’s the video:

Before we get to more leftists’ comments, here’s a compilation of a some big war hawk talk from Hillary Clinton. Scary stuff:

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Dick Cheney says ‘magnify beheaded American by a million if we don’t go to war with ISIS’

I have yet to hear if Dick Cheney is volunteering to be dropped off in Iraq to lead the charge against ISIS but he’s ready to send you!

The ISIS organization in charge is very much a threat to the United States, to our friends and allies…when you see them behead an American reporter, as they did today, that’s obviously a terrible development…But magnify that a million times over because that is what’s in store for the rest of the world if we don’t deal with this crisis.

Those with a brain, might want to consider the following realistic outlook:

…Gee, I wonder if toppling Saddam led us to where we are now?
Should Dick Cheney lead the charge? What do you say?

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IRAQ, TOTAL QUAGMIRE! General says bombing ineffective

On Monday, a top Pentagon official, Army Lieutenant General William Mayville, said the U.S. strikes are unlikely to have a major impact on the overall capacity of the Islamic State.

U.S. airstrikes in northern Iraq have slowed ISIL’s operational tempo and temporarily disrupted their advances toward the province of Erbil. However, these strikes are unlikely to affect ISIL’s overall capabilitiesI in no way want to suggest that we have effectively contained or that we are somehow breaking the momentum of the threat posed by ISIL. …There are no plans to expand the current air campaign.

Are there any doubts that nation building in Iraq has led to a total quagmire?

Today’s broadcast from Democracy Now! covers the above statement from Lt. General Mayville and includes an interview with Glenn Greenwald. It goes without saying that Democracy Now is a far left (basically socialist) news source, however their coverage of civil liberties and foreign policy issues provides a needed resource. [Audio] if the video doesn’t work. Continue Reading →

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Laura Ingraham, You’ve come a long way, baby!

…I think we try to do all these things in Iraq. Now Iraq is worse off. I mean, I hate to say that, but Iraq is worse than before we went into Iraq. Christians are gone. There’s no sense of order at all. Saddam Hussein is gone. That’s a good thing, but what’s left? A more emboldened Islamic state. Not contained apparently even by U.S. air strikes.

FLASHBACK: Remember when Laura Ingraham was marching lockstep with the neocons?

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LIVE BLOG: Possible Iraq Coup – Situation in Baghdad


A potential coup is brewing in Baghdad as special forces have been deployed by embattled Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, as the United States reaffirms their support for Iraqi President Fouad Masoum who al-Maliki has accused of violating the Constitution. Stay tuned for more updates. Continue Reading →

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CNN too distracted by giant hornets to remember geography class

This is just fun for a giggle…I do wonder if any of their viewers noticed. You know…out of all 34. Probably distracted by the giant hornets…Watch out!

Other classic CNN moments:

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Intense interview with young man who fled ISIS in Iraq

My heart goes out to these people who are fleeing the brutal violence spreading over Iraq right now. This interview is intense…


The American people must grapple with the fact that bombs are never “surgical.” Bombing will always eventually kill civilians. If you think Hamas is blending in with a civilian population, wait till you are trying to track down ISIS militants who could be in a Toyota pickup. When we end up killing civilians with our bombing campaign, will this end up being an additional recruiting tool for ISIS?

Regardless, my prayers go out to the Christians and all of the refugees who are caught in this awful mess. Honestly, if I was the President I’m not sure what I would do…

What actions would you take as President against ISIS in Iraq?

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Can you watch this shark video without jumping?

REMUS SharkCam: The hunter and the hunted from Woods Hole Oceanographic Inst. on Vimeo.

…I jumped! I highly recommend pre-loading this video in full screen on your computer or phone and asking a friend or family member to see if they can find the rare unicorn-squid captured for the first time in this video. A well timed grab at the back of the neck or the knee should complete the experience for your beloved friend or family member!

(Christian Science Monitor) Discovery News featured an edited compilation of these interactions with great whites made by researchers from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute (WHOI). The video shows curious sharks swimming around the camera and occasionally attacking it and seeming somewhat confused when their prey isn’t immediately crushed between their powerful jaws.

The footage comes from a Discovery-sponsored autonomous underwater vehicle called the SharkCam, on a 2013 expedition to study sharks in waters near Guadalupe Island, off Baja Mexico’s west coast…The five-foot-long, 80-lb., torpedo-shaped SharkCam is equipped with six GoPro video cameras, giving scientists a spectacular panoramic view of the autonomous vehicle’s surroundings.

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