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Video of plane crash site near Bloomington, IN

Our prayers and hearts go out to the families of the victims…

I was driving nearby and didn’t know the cause of the fire:


BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – A small aircraft crashed Thursday afternoon on approach to the Bloomington airport, the FAA confirmed. Federal aviation officials confirmed the crash occurred around 12:45 p.m. Search and rescue crews had been dispatched to the scene. Another pilot circling the area could be heard on air traffic feeds confirming the wreck with airport traffic controllers. “I do see the wreckage,” the pilot says. “There is a fire. We see no one walking around the crash site.”

RTV6 ( has asked permission to use the video above and has agreed to credit Special thanks to Todd Connor.

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It’s Total Clown Car Time with U.S. Syria Policy

Minutes ago, the U.S. House of Representatives voted 273-to-156 to approve President Obama’s plan to arm “moderate” Syrian rebels. It’s difficult to even express how crazy this policy is in the face of readily available facts:

UPDATE: The Roll Call vote is posted here.

The CIA Skeptical about Arming Rebels

(HuffPost 9/17/14) One Democratic member of Congress said that the CIA has made it clear that it doubts the possibility that the administration’s strategy could succeed.

…the CIA regards the effort as doomed to failure,” the congressman said in an email. “Specifically (again without referring to classified information), the CIA thinks that it is impossible to train and equip a force of pro-Western Syrian nationals that can fight and defeat Assad, al-Nusra and ISIS, regardless of whatever air support that force may receive.”

He added that, as the CIA sees it, the ramped-up backing of rebels is an expansion of a strategy that is already not working. “The CIA also believes that its previous assignment to accomplish this was basically a fool’s errand, and they are well aware of the fact that many of the arms that they provided ended up in the wrong hands,” the congressman said, echoing intelligence sources.

Lather, Rinse, Repeat

In other words, we’re sending arms to the very people who will be the Greatest Hitlers in History in 10 years, which will require us to arm a new generation of rebels, who will then turn on us the decade after. And so on…

“Moderate” Rebels Sign Non-Aggression pact with ISIS

There are legitimate reports that ISIS has signed a non-aggression pact with “moderate” rebel groups in Syria.

“Moderate” Rebels sold one of the beheaded Americans to ISIS

In letters addressed to the Democratic and Republican leaders in the House of Representatives, the Syrian Speaker of Parliament calls on the United States to refrain from arming and training so-called moderate Syrian rebels and from entering into a coalition with countries whose religious ideologies, the Speaker says, has fueled the growth of ISIS. Speaker Jihad al-Lahham also writes that one of the two American journalists beheaded by ISIS was sold to the militant group by the moderate forces. (Do you suppose they might sell their weapons too?) LINK:

President Obama and Kerry Claim to already have Authority for War

What could possibly go wrong?

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PHONE ACTIVISM: House to Vote on Funding ISIS against ISIS

Later today, Congress (the House) is planning to vote on giving President Obama authority to arm ‘moderate’ Syrian rebels to fight (non-moderate) Islamic militants sometimes called, “ISIS” or “ISIL.” All of this despite reports that “moderate” rebel groups in Syria have recently signed a non-aggression agreement with ISIS.

You can find your representative’s contact information HERE.  

Congressional Switchboard Number: (202) 224-3121

Will you make time today to let your representative know your views?


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McCain attempts to swipe back at Rand Paul over ISIS comments

Senator John McCain attempted to respond to his very own gaffe by attacking Senator Paul. The comments on the Fox Facebook post are priceless…


The top comments are not looking good for John McCain!

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Democrat Senator Eviscerates Pres Obama Plan to Arm ‘Moderate’ Syrian Rebels

It makes no sense to me…you can’t sell this stuff!

(THE//INTERCEPT) West Virginia Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin on Tuesday scathingly criticized a key element of the Obama administration’s strategy to confront the Islamic State, saying that history has shown that training local forces doesn’t work.
“How can I go home to West Virginia and make sense out of this at all?” he asked Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey at a Senate Armed Services Committee. (Must see video)

I have a hard time with all of this… When I go home to West Virginia,… people say: What do you expect to be different than what you have done in that region of the world for 13 years? If money or military might hasn’t changed it, what makes you think you can change it now?

And when you look at the money we spent — $20 billion trying to build up an army in Iraq — and the first time they were tested they ran, turned over the arsenal that we equipped them with and is now being used against us…. And then when you look at what we have done in that part of the world: Total of Iraq, $818 billion spent — those are the figures I have — $747 [billion] in Afghanistan and growing; [total[ $1.6 trillion to date and growing — 4,400 lives lost in Iraq, 36,000 wounde; 2,200 lives in Afghanistan and 21,000 wounded.

Sen. Manchin then divided the $500 million President Obama has said he want Congress to spend on arming and training Syrian rebels by the 5,000 rebels Manchin said it would be spent on.

At $100,000 per person if my math is correct — $500 million for 5,000, correct? So that’s $100,000 per person that we are supposed to do. The only thing I know we are sure of is that training and those weapons will probably be used against us at some time in the future…

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Last Four U.S. Presidents Announce Bombing Iraq (at the same time)

All together now… Continue Reading →

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Scotland to Vote on Independence

A new poll Wednesday suggested Scots are getting closer to parting ways with the U.K. than previously thought, finding that of 970 people who said they would vote, 47.6% would oppose independence and 42.4% support it, with the rest undecided. A vote on independence will take place on September 18.

Alex Salmond, the leader of the pro-independence Scottish National Party and chief minister in the semiautonomous Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh, called a referendum on independence soon after winning a landslide victory in Scottish parliamentary elections in 2011.Nationalists need a simple majority to launch the process of ending the union. Mr. Salmond says Scotland could be officially independent by March 2016 if Scots vote “yes.”

A vote for independence would likely make it harder for the opposition Labour Party, which relies on Scottish votes as a significant part of its base, to win general elections in what would be left of the U.K. It could also change the outcome of a future vote David Cameron has promised on whether Britain should remain in the EU, as Scotland tends to be relatively pro-European.

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Rand Paul responds to ISIS speech, Hannity not pleased

Senator Paul (mostly) wouldn’t take the neocon bait from Sean Hannity tonight during his guest appearance and response to the president’s speech. Hannity didn’t enjoy hearing about how removing secular dictators created a vacuum that allowed ISIS to arise. Senator Paul stuck to his guns and repeated his point. But then, Hannity pulled out the big guns–a quote from George Bush! Shock and Awe, baby!

The takeaway quote was probably at the end with Rand Paul declaring that any action would be unconstitutional without approval from Congress. It’s good to see more conventional conservatives following Sen. Paul’s lead on that point.
Further reading on reasons America should think twice before using conventional military means against ISIS.

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Watch Live: Pres Obama ISIS Speech #NoStupidWars

President Obama will make a rare prime-time address to the nation tonight at 9pm ET regarding his strategy for confronting ISIS.

ISIS or ISIL is the scariest thing to ever happen in the history of the universe. Think ‘The Nothing’ from The Never Ending Story. Hmmm, The War on Terror pretty much is The Never Ending Story…

Interact with others from the Liberty Movement (and beyond) by using #NoStupidWars on Twitter tonight.

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Americans can’t wait to be hoodwinked into another war

It’s midnight. Later today the president will make his case for a prolonged military campaign against ISIS. It is likely that President Obama will also attempt to push again for millions of dollars in weapons to be sent to ‘moderate rebels’ in Syria. You know, ’cause the government is really good at detecting moderation in rebel groups–like how they build awesome websites!

Yesterday, the White House let it be known that, “No vote is needed by Congress to go after ISIS.” The MSNBC audience was only too happy to agree…

If you are ISIS, you have to be feeling pretty good right now, right? HD video of what looks like a beheading and America is about to start part 3 of your recruiting plan for you!

This seems like a good time to reflect on a video from a certain Texas congressman who spoke up against the lemmings rushing (including Hillary) to war in Iraq back in October of 2002. Despite the low quality, this is historically prophetic:

Who will stand up against the tide today?
Further reading on reasons America should think twice before using conventional military means against ISIS.

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