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Christmas Special with James Lindsay!

Live video event will be posted here. Check back and mark your calendars! MARK YOUR CALENDAR! Christmas Special Q&A with Dr. @ConceptualJames. feat. Christmas Carols and adult beverages! Submit your questions by using #AskJamesL pic.twitter.com/N2C72533GT— iroots.org 🕵🏾 (@irootsorg) November 25, 2020 I will bring

Military Industrial Biden

Watch this space. Refresh it daily. Oh, and we need to make “Military Industrial Biden” trend. Okay? #JoeBiden is one of the reasons @Snowden was forced to stay in Russia. From the @ggreenwald / @joerogan podcast: https://t.co/TIpMyaF3Yp pic.twitter.com/sYbOHh0kyy— iroots.org 🕵🏾 (@irootsorg) October 29, 2020