BlueAnon is worse than Qanon

I’m convinced the only folks who know anything about Qanon are leftwing establishment “journalists.” And, I’d venture to say, they’re the ones propagating the conspiracy theory exponentially more than any right wing groups or your uncle John’s email chains. It’s almost like the left wants to wish Qanon into being an actual thing.

While doing a little research for this, I found this lovely warning from Facebook if you simply search for anything Qanon related on their site.

I hate saying “left” because, bare with me, it’s actually commentators on the left (like Aaron Mate and Glenn Greenwald) who have done the best job exposing the left’s misguided obsession with this topic along with the discredited Russiagate conspiracies. In fact, if you look back in the heyday of Qanon, you’ll find verified leftist journalists and commentators unironically citing Qanon as a source to justify their own insane conspiracies of Russian collusion. Take a look. Here’s Anne Applebaum, staff writer at The Atlantic and frequent guest on NPR, citing Qanon back in 2019.


Just look at this nonsense!


Until the mainstream media and Big Tech grapples with how they meddled in the 2020 presidential election by censoring actual stories like Hunter Biden’s laptop/emails and peddling conspiracies about Russia, distrust and disdain of the media will only grow. Rightly so. No one breaks this all down better than Glenn Greenwald.


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