Twitter Adds Warning Label to Biden’s ‘misleading’ Tweet

In a surprise move, Twitter has added a warning label to President Biden’s tweet claiming that the cost of his “Build Back Better Agenda is zero.”

Predictably, Democrats responded in shock. Rep. Adam Schiff tweeting, “By the looks of it, Twitter is in OPEN INSURRECTION against the United States. THIS WILL NOT STAND. Twitter execs can expected (SIC) to be called before our JANUARY 6 COMMITTEE!”

Rep. “AOC” was more concise, tweeting, “Is this real life? THIS. IS. NOT. NORMAL!”

After hours of radio silence, a spokesperson from Twitter responded to the New York Times,

We had a young trans intern bring this “zero cost” tweet up during a zoom meeting and he asked a good question, “If Trump would have claimed that his own budget proposals, like his planned infrastructure bill, would cost “zero” dollars or that it would be paid for by blue states or Mexico, would we let that slide without a misinformation warning? He had a point.

New York Times 10/20/2021

Republicans responded with elation except for Rand Paul who claimed he still opposed, “any hectoring warnings from Silicon Valley even if they were appended to the words of Hitler, himself.” No word yet on if Rand realizes his hero is long since dead even if you buy the stories of escapades in Argentina after escaping Germany in 1945.

The Turtle himself, Senator Mitch McConnell of KY, was overcome with emotion as he stepped out of a GOP caucus meeting to address the media.

This is, and I think I speak for all Republicans, an important moment of fairness and equity as we see Twitter treating our esteemed opposition party…in this case the President…Um, in an impartial manner. I hope this a sign of more warning labels to come. In fact, I’m a little offended that I’ve never had a warning label attached on one of my tweets…these intern…whipper snappers write…

As of 10:00 p.m., Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, responded almost glibly in a tweet, “I could stomach 2 + 2 = 5, but ZERO? I think we had to act.”

Meanwhile the hashtag #JustWalkAwayFromTwitter has been trending from angry Democrats claiming they aim to close their accounts and join Trump’s new social media site, presumably to troll the MAGATS unceasingly. This along with the hashtag #WalkOutofTwitter as nearly 90% of Twitter’s staff aim to call in sick for the rest of the week.


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