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No doubt, it’s a weird time to be alive. Have the last 2 years been bizarre or what? The midterms are almost upon us, the Deep State has been exposed like never before. Will you help me update our grassroots site like never before? Please consider making a donation here.

  • New cameras for grassroots journalism
  • Creating online training for canvassing
  • Promoting constitutional conservatives and libertarians.

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WHAT ARE YOUR IDEAS? Please send any ideas you have for our grassroots activism to or send a direct message to our original Facebook page: Ron Paul Activism. (Just type it into your search feature on Facebook.)

Here’s some of our upcoming ideas:

“Constitutional Justice Warriors” as campus response to SJWs. This may function as a student or community organization.

Video activism awards for grassroots activists on Youtube and social media.

Supporting a tour of college campuses by Tom Woods, historian and author.

Justice vs “Social Justice” debates and presentations on college campuses.

What are your ideas?