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Money Bomb Facebook Activism for Ron Paul

You are probably already aware about the Money Bomb currently underway for Ron Paul. It lasts from January 14 – 17. You can read the details here.

This is an advanced activism technique for facebook that can help events go viral. If you find this confusing, you can still help by joining our event page, here.

This link will explain the invitation process.


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ACTIVISM STRATEGY: Support Them Now Money Bomb

ACTIVISM STRATEGY: Support Them Now Money Bomb

Decentralize Facebook Promotion – Create Your Own Event & Push it (from Sentinelrv)

 Up until now, every money bomb has been centralized around a main website and ONLY ONE Facebook event. For 11/11/11, we’re planning to decentralize promotion into hundreds or thousands of individual Facebook events, instead of using only one centralized event. (A centralized event page quickly reaches its facebook limit for mass messaging.) Everybody that wants to help promote the money bomb must create their own event, invite all their friends and use it for promotion. The idea is to promote your own event to build an attendee list that you can then use to push people to pledge on the official website. With this decentralized approach to using Facebook events, we won’t have to worry about losing the ability to mass message attendees on the day of the event, because with so many events floating around on Facebook, you’ll most likely never hit the attendee limit that causes you to lose your messaging ability. And even if you do hit the limit, all you need to do is remove a couple attendees in order to get under the limit and restore your messaging ability and then you can just create an entirely new event and start pushing that instead. Just keep an eye on the “Message Guests” button on your event. If it disappears, you’ll know you’re currently over the limit. All that you really need to worry about is forgetting to send out a mass message reminding your attendees to donate on the day of the event. You should also keep them up to date with the money bomb and send them promotion techniques by linking them to this planning thread.

Continue on for in depth instructions including graphics. > > http://forums.iroots.org/showthread.php?tid=21

The link, above, takes you to our brand new forums site! You’ll need to register to begin sharing and interacting.


For those of you who are able, after donating to the official campaign, financial donations to iroots.org are very much appreciated.

Your donation will help us expand our mission. Thanks!
We are looking at launching a canvassing application for smart phones to make the canvassing process much easier and paper-free! Also in the works is a 15 part online curriculum for activism training. Time is running out to get this going for the Iowa caucus. Send us a donation if you are able. (Donations to the official campaign must come first!)



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Black This Out Masked Party

The money bomb has now been extended to Friday midnight. Not too late for you to organize a party!

Story coming soon…

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Culture Jamming for BLACK THIS OUT 10/19/11

Culture jamming is a form of disruption that plays on the emotions of viewers and bystanders. Jammers want to disrupt the unconscious thought process that takes place when most consumers view a popular advertising and bring about a détournement.[11] Activists that utilize this tactic are counting on their meme to pull on the emotional strings of people and evoke some type of reaction. The reactions that most cultural jammers are hoping to evoke are behavioral change and political action.
- wikipedia

What creative methods are you using to spread the word about BLACK THIS OUT today?

You can start out by heading to Starbucks like you always do…


Activism ideas: posters, flyers and online tactics.


Post photos of your activism today on our facebook page.

Have you Blacked Out your profile on facebook yet?

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What in the world does “BLACK THIS OUT” mean?

UPDATE!  The Judge has been Blacked Out!

So, if you’ve been paying attention online, you may have seen the phrase, “Black this out,” being used to promote the next big money bomb on October 19th.  You may have even noticed the masthead of the Daily Paul blacked out. I’ll admit, I found it confusing and strange for several days until I saw the following comment on someone’s facebook wall:

“I have gotten lots of questions about why my eyes are blacked out on (my) Profile and think this is a great Idea! Perfect opportunity to “Spread the word!! Ron Paul Supporters are the best Even the Media Admits it…”

The main point of the branding of this event is to take the ignoring of Ron Paul’s campaign by the mainstream media head on. In essence, we are challenging the media, “Go ahead, just try to black this out!

It took me a couple hours to process it, but, okay, okay, now I get it! Part of the draw is its strangeness and the way to draw in people’s curiosity is to actually do the following with your profile photo for a few days.

When people ask you, “what’s up?” you simply send them to this post or to the event.

If you don’t know how to do this to your profile photo, just ask someone younger! Your computer’s basic paint program should do the trick with a simple “rectangle” tool.

The official website for BLACK THIS OUT is: www.blackthisout.com (Be sure to make your pledge.) You’ll find a widget and other tools for promoting this event here. For those of you with advanced computer skills, edit your photo to be black and white, increase the contrast and make the black box a bit transparent.

Mainstream Media

On October 19th, 2011, tens of thousands of Americans will stand together to send you a very clear message. We are sick of your lies and repeated attempts to dismiss Ron Paul as a 2012 GOP Frontrunner. You have only fueled our passion and our will to use our numbers against you. We’ll make this grassroots effort to donate to the Ron Paul campaign on this day one of the greatest donation efforts in history.

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Smart Video Activism for Ron Paul

A Ron Paul supporter makes a creative video about his response to a fundraising letter sent from Mitt Romney–along with his birthday tribute for the money bomb. Notice the natural way in which he engages his audience. He brings you directly into his world. He’s being himself–something many of us should take to heart.

(Yes, there’s a money bomb going on tonight looking to raise 1.5 million!)

Rather than blasting music at you and showing photos of Ron Paul swimming with his grandchildren (couldn’t resist!)

Ron Paul is ripped.

…he’s talking about something that really happened. This video might not get a million views, but it will have a meaningful impact on his friends and family, unlike the typical fan video.

Stepping back, think about the way you post online since you’ve gone coo coo for cocoa puffs for Ron Paul. Have you alienated the very people you want to persuade? It wouldn’t hurt to post about the latest band you’ve seen perform or that storm outside your window and the lightning that nearly struck your car. Your goal should be to integrate enthusiasm for the liberty movement into your social life in a natural and organic way. The worst example of not understanding this concept is when you see people threatening on facebook to unfriend anyone who disagrees with them. What’s the goal here? To become an echo chamber?

Be yourself. Or at least try to fake it!

In Liberty,

Aaron R. Jones

P.S. If you do something like this, be sure to put the whole url link to the official website in the video description so you can direct viewers where they need to go. Like this >>> http://ronpaul2012.com/

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