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You paid $200,000 for this “Cultural Transformation” training of the USDA

In 2011 and 2012, the USDA (your tax money) paid Samuel Betances, self-described “citizen of the world,” nearly $200,000 to lead a “cultural transformation” program. The diversity event is apparently part of what President Obama’s USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack described in a memo as a “new era of Civil Rights” and “a broader effort towards cultural transformation at USDA.” (Trust me, you must see this video leaked to Judicial Watch!)

I want you to say that America was founded by outsiders – say that – who are today’s insiders, who are very nervous about today’s outsiders…I want you to say, ‘The pilgrims were illegal aliens.’ Say, ‘The pilgrims never gave their passports to the Indians.’

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What can you say to this?

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Ron Paul Republican Iowa Caucus Training

There are 1774 different Iowa Caucus meetings that will occur at 7:00 pm on Tuesday, January 3rd 2012. It’s a straightforward process, but Ron Paul supporters should share and familiarize themselves with the key points of this process. This will ensure an even greater impact on the night of the caucus.

Presentation by Jason Glass, Iowa grassroots volunteer.

You can find your caucus location here at the Iowa Secretary of State website.

If possible, arrive by 6:15 p.m.

Who can vote?

Any individual who resides in the local precinct can vote in the Caucus. If you’re not currently registered to vote, you can register at the Caucus location – but please be sure to arrive an additional 30 minutes early if you need to register.

Please note you must bring a valid federal ID. And don’t forget to bring as many friends, family members, and neighbors as possible with you to the Caucus to vote for Ron Paul.

What to do at the Caucus:

At your Caucus, you have two main goals.

First, vote for Ron Paul in the Presidential Preference Straw Poll.

Before the vote, there will be an opportunity for someone to speak on behalf of each candidate. Arrive early and discuss who should speak amongst your fellow supporters. Keep in mind, most locations will already have someone designated to speak.

If you are speaking, you will only have 2-5 minutes to communicate your points about Ron Paul. This is not enough time to express intricate details about foreign policy and philosophical statements. Focus on your own story and why you have come to put your trust in Ron Paul. Stay positive. If you seem trustworthy, others will trust you.

After voting takes place, most folks will leave – DON’T!

It is critical that as many Ron Paul delegates are elected as possible. So please sign up to become a delegate or raise your hand when asked, and be sure to vote for other Ron Paul supporters as delegates.

How to win:

Winning your Caucus is all about TURN OUT, TURN OUT, TURN OUT. Bring everyone you know with you to vote for Ron Paul.

More details from the official campaign.



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Iowa, Are You Ready for the Caucuses?

On January 3rd, Iowans will head to local churches, town halls and community centers to participate in the caucus process. A simple secret ballot doesn’t cut it. At many locations, speeches will be given by grassroots supporters in support of their candidate. Last night, Nick Spohn, who was kind enough to let me crash on his couch, shared the speech he is planning to give. Don’t worry, you aren’t required to speak! Take a listen:

What do you think of his speech?

If you are a supporter of Dr. Paul in Iowa, please take the time to study the caucusing process. I’ll be adding more information on this blog in the coming days. For now, take a look and share the following caucus training video. Remember, the key is to talk to your co-workers, friends and neighbors about the process and to get them to your caucus location on January 3rd! Here is a general overview:

(Don’t worry, Ron Paul is in the video too!)

Here’s what you can do:

Merry Christmas, by the way!
Your financial donation is very much appreciated.
iroots.org founder, Aaron Jones, is already on the ground in Iowa and will be joined by others from Texas on December 27th. Any donation will help us distribute training materials and cover gas expenses for activists doing the essential work to bring Dr. Paul victory in Iowa.
We have a goal of raising $1,500 for travel/gas, website upgrades and computer/camera equipment.

Your donation will help us expand our mission. Thanks!

Please enjoy my band’s Christmas album!

(While I’m a part of this band, we do not endorse candidates.)

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Christmas Vacation with Ron Paul

The official Ron Paul 2012 campaign has announced a special program for people who wish to support Dr. Paul where it matters most during the holidays. Do your part to spread the word to young professionals and college students who are ready to sacrifice their personal plans, during this time, for the sake of the Republic! See the link below. To get us into the spirit, I also happen to be launching my new Christmas album today, 11/11/11! I’ll let you read on about this fantastic program to help Dr. Paul, while you hear my new ablum. Hopefully, very soon, you’ll be listening to this while you canvass in Iowa or New Hampshire!

(While I’m a part of this band, we do not endorse candidates.)



Spend your Christmas Vacation with Ron Paul! Please fill out this form to sign up for one of our get-out-the-vote (GOTV) programs—to apply for both, submit two separate applications.
• Christmas with Ron Paul in Iowa (Dec. 27, 2011 to Jan. 4, 2012)
• New Year’s with Ron Paul in New Hampshire (Jan. 2, 2012 to Jan. 11, 2012)
The campaign will provide for all participants’ meals, lodging, and transportation (once you’re in the state). All you have to do is get to Iowa or New Hampshire.Your efforts could determine the outcome of the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary. In close elections, the campaign with the best on-the-ground effort and organization will succeed.

Spots are limited and will go quickly. If selected, you will lead the campaign’s effort to get out the vote in the key states of Iowa and New Hampshire.

If you have any questions, email Ron Paul’s National Youth Director, Edward King, at edward.king@ronpaul2012.com.

Continue at this link.>> https://youthforpaul.wufoo.com/forms/christmas-vacation-with-ron-paul/

iroots.org: In order for you to campaign effectively you must open your eyes to the truth about how elections are won.

And register with us to be alerted to the training necessary for building effective activism skills and pledge to engage with us here about what is working within your groups. Check out our activism forums, above, to give you even more tools for brainstorming and sharpening your skills!

For those of you who are able, after donating to the official campaign, financial donations to iroots.org are very much appreciated.

Your donation will help us expand our mission. Thanks!

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Introduction to Ron Paul Activism

Six keys to success in grassroots activism.

6 rules to guide you when selling your candidate:

  1. Don’t make your issue their issue.
  2. Don’t get into debates.
  3. Don’t go down rabbit holes.
  4. Don’t be afraid to say, “I don’t know.”
  5. Don’t trash-talk other candidates.
  6. When you make a sale, stop selling.
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