How Ron Paul Wins in 2012

Like me, you probably care deeply about becoming the best grassroots activist you can during the Ron Paul 2012 campaign. We are on the verge of a true intellectual revolution sweeping this country. There is no doubt that Ron Paul supporters have a monopoly on enthusiasm and energy. Now, our challenge is to channel this massive energy toward effective action.

The Perfect Storm

In the past, the Liberty movement has been pushed to the sidelines of the political discourse. Many of us were accustomed to pursuing intellectual arguments that the average citizen had never considered. Today, now more than ever, due to the state of the economy, mountainous government debt and endless war, a perfect storm is brewing and our time has come.

If you haven’t noticed, Ron Paul is the vehicle for many, if not all, of our shared ideals. Whatever your pet issue within the Liberty movement, for the next few months, our central focus must center on winning the primary contest for Ron Paul. What will this look like?

How We Win

Winning an election is a numbers game. When it comes down to it, a shockingly small segment of the population decides an election. Think about it, among the entire population–for our purposes, let’s say 100 people. Of this group, 60 will be eligible voters (think children, illegals and felons). Of these 60, 40% will be registered to vote, leaving us with 24. Of these 24 voters, 25% will likely turn out on election day. That leaves us with 6 people, of which 3 will vote in the Republican primary. In order to win, you need only 50% +1 of this final pool; this assumes a contest of two candidates. In a primary with multiple candidates, even fewer votes are required for victory. (These numbers are approximate and vary from year to year.)

While our activities can take many forms, they must all focus on identifying and influencing this exclusive pool of likely Republican primary voters. For many of us, this requires a whole rewiring of our activism mindset. The time has come to shift from education mode to full-on effective campaigning for Ron Paul!

At, we pledge to provide you with the resources and training you’ll need to be the best and most effective activist you can be. So go ahead, jump right in and share your activism success and horror stories and stay tuned…there is so much more to come!

In Liberty,

Aaron Jones
Activism Coordinator

If you are ready to join with us in this worthy cause, you can help by making a partnership donation to ensure our work continues.

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