UPDATE FOX Interview: Ron Paul Banners Greet Mitt Romney in Poland

7/31/12 UPDATE: Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren interviews a Polish Citizen and Paul supporter:

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You know, there are no differences between Obama and Romney in reality, but there is a huge difference between Ron Paul and everybody.

Ron Paul supporters were all over Romney as the candidate visited the country on Monday, showing up in town squares with massive pro-Paul banners and chanting Paul’s name outside of meetings. (Washington Examiner 7/30/12)

Raw video from Washington Post:


The Polish Paul folks didn’t end up there by chance — a group of pro-Paul Poles have been organizing on a Facebook group, Poland for Ron Paul. (Description: “Polacy wspieraj najlepszego kandydata na prezydenta USA!” Translation, according to Google Translate: “Poles support the best candidate for U.S. president!”)

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