Happy Birthday Ron Paul! 77 Examples of Awesomeness

Just a few years ago, Ron Paul was a barely a blip on the political radar. However, over the past four years, Ron Paul has endeared himself to millions around the world with his fearless truth telling and honesty.

Born Ronald Ernest Paul on August 20, 1935 and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Ron Paul was the third out of five sons. As a child, he helped out in the family’s dairy business. He continued working as a paper boy and later at a local drug store. In high school, Paul was a member of the track and wrestling teams and served as the president of the student council. Discovering love at an early age, He met his future wife Carol while in high school. (Biography)

iRoots.org would like to wish Ron Paul and his family a very happy and blessed birthday!

What are some of your favorite Ron Paul moments? Here’s one of our favorites from the 80s. Notice how Dr. Paul fits into the style of the raucous talk show and yet he uses his sarcasm to combat statism. This would be the equivalent of Ron Paul being on the Jerry Springer show a few years ago.

[vsw id=”Vi1nxu-Sy-w” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

 Why don’t they (the government) put you on a diet? You’re a little overweight!

No fat burning in Ron Paul’s belly, only Liberty!

Michael Luciano, at Policy Mic, has shared 77 examples of Ron Paul’s brilliance.

Check these out.

He’s not afraid to call Santorum a “fake” to his face. (Watch the clip.)

 He’s the only septuagenarian who can pull off the backwards hat look. 

He’s a troublemaker. 

He doesn’t need no stinkin’ helmet.

He flashes gang signals.

He knows something that you don’t. 


See all 77 photos posted by Michael Luciano:


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