Printable Gun Shut Down by Indiegogo

Indiegogo, a website for submitting projects in order to get funding from donors, determined that a project (the Wiki Weapon Project) with the goal of creating a sharable/downloadable file for a 3-D printed gun was in violation of its terms of service.

A group calling itself “Defense Distributed” is raising money to design and test the world’s first downloadable gun. Labeled “the Wiki Weapon Project,” the plan is to develop a prototype comprised of printable parts made out of plastic that can fire a .22 caliber bullet. Once successful, Defense Distributed will make the blueprints available to anyone who wishes to download them.

Before the latter can happen, startup capital is required to purchase a Stratasys 3D printer (valued at $9,900) and enough plastic ABSplus polymer ($5 per cubic inch) to build and test out several iterations of the gun. To raise the money, Defense Distributed set up a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo with a target of $20,000.

Here’s the video created by Defense Distributed to promote its project:

Indiegogo cancelled the project because it had violated this portion of its terms of service in particular:

You may not use the Service for activities that…(ii) relate to sales of… (h) ammunition, firearms, or certain firearm parts or accessories, or (i), certain weapons or knives regulated under applicable law.

The group has resorted to taking donations on its homepage via PayPal and the cryptocurrency BitCoin. So far, Defense Distributed has raised $1277 of their $20,000 goal.

Read more at Daily Dot:

Visit and donate to Defense Distributed’s Wiki Weapon Project at the link below if you think the cause and crew are worthy:

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