Rand Paul eviscerates Foreign Aid in epic one hour Filibuster

Senator Rand Paul took to the floor demanding a vote on his bill to cut off foreign aid to Egypt, Libya and Pakistan.

If you agree with Rand Paul, please like the End Foreign Aid page:


Moments ago, as of 4:25pm, Senator Rand Paul gave another epic speech in opposition to further sanctions on Iran and in favor of cutting off foreign aid. The Senator moved beyond his past more populist rhetoric to point out that foreign aid often does the opposite of what its supporters claim. He pointed out that anger in the Middle East is often tied to our support of oppressive regimes.

One quote out of many…

“The other side is arguing that without foreign aid, we will have war. I’m arguing that with foreign aid we will have war.”

A vote on Senator Paul’s bill is expected by midnight. Please contact your Senators right now and urge them to support his bill (S. 3576).

Call your Senator’s office here: 202-224-3121
More contact info: http://www.senate.gov/general/contact_information/senators_cfm.cfm

UPDATE: Senator Paul’s second speech.

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