Drudge and Fox promote Big Government in wake of Hurricane Sandy

If you turned on talk radio after work, you probably heard Sean Hannity asking, ‘Why aren’t food, fuel and generators being airlifted in to desperate New York City residents? …Why isn’t President Obama doing anything besides a photo op?’ Not a word about free market principles. Why, after all, this is “Obama’s Katrina.”

O, I get it. This is politics right? (And Katrina really was Bush’s fault?)

No, this is actually the time when the public is most likely to be receptive to learning about how voluntary action and free markets are highly beneficial during a crisis. President Obama actually deserves praise for giving a speech not from a FEMA command center, but from the headquarters of the Red Cross–and for saying,

 The reason we’re here is because the Red Cross knows what it’s doing when it comes to emergency response.  And so for people all across the country who have not been affected, now is the time to show the kind of generosity that makes America the greatest nation on Earth.  And a good place to express that generosity is by contributing to the Red Cross.

…And obviously, this is mostly a local responsibility…

And Drudge? Well, look for yourself.

Conservatives, get a grip!

Need an assignment?

Listen to Ron Paul on FBN’s Stossel and learn about the “Broken Window” fallacy.

By Aaron R. Jones

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