Art Bell Turns Down Offer for New Radio Show

Art Bell announced on January 29th, 2013 via Facebook that he was in negotiations to return to radio:

However, on February 4th, Art posted an update on the situation, stating that he had turned down an offer for a new radio show. His reasons for doing a new show, as the post below seems to allude, include some distaste for Premier Radio Networks which syndicates his former show Coast to Coast AM now hosted by George Noory:

But, always leading his audience to suspense, Bell leaves us with some hope that one day he’ll be back on the air regularly.

This Facebook page seems to be the best place to check for updates on Art Bell’s situation and whether or not he will be the host of a new radio show.

BTW, for you Art Bell fans, I thought this article posted by Ken Layne at The Awl had some nice paragraphs for reminiscence on Bell’s Coast to Coast AM:

In its 1990s prime, the late-night radio show “Coast To Coast AM” was an unscripted audio mix of “Twin Peaks” and “The X-Files.”It was corny, uncomfortable, laughable, utterly paranoid, completely of its time, and occasionally terrifying. Because it was broadcast in the middle of the night, if you listened it was generally because you were alone: driving a deserted highway, fighting insomnia, cramming for a test, finishing some code, working a graveyard shift.

A parade of crazies appeared every night, people with no apparent sense of humor, explaining the most obscure and ridiculous theories and conspiracies. And then, because this was also the golden age of weird crap on the early World Wide Web, you could look up these dingbats and discover… oh good god, so “Major Ed Dames” is a real retired military officer who really did “remote viewing” for a secret government project called “Stargate,” that’s a real thing? This was always the terrifying part about the show: Some of it, maybe all of it, was true.

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