Froggy Fresh Signed to Bad Boy/Interscope Records?

UPDATE: Froggy Fresh sent me a message that the account is fake and not his. So, no he is not signed.

Indications are that Froggy Fresh has been signed by Bad Boy Records, founded by Sean “Diddy” Combs, and distributed by Interscope Records. Last night, two of Froggy Fresh’s older videos appeared on a new VEVO Youtube channel with this citation, “Music video by Froggy Fresh performing The Baddest (Explicit). ©: 2013 Bad Boy/Interscope Records.”

Last week, Froggy Fresh, formerly known as Krispy Kreme, finally complied with demands of the doughnut company to remove all references to their trademarked name. (His channel had over 49 million views.) He removed and (thankfully) reuploaded edited versions of most of his older videos.

Given the hilarity of his persona, one wonders if getting in trouble with a global doughnut corporation was all part of his marketing plan from the beginning? A little background. The following are the first two videos made public by the artist on April 20, 2012. The first, an indescribably awkward announcement of the impending release of “The Baddest.”

My theory is that this was all an inside joke that he had no idea would take off and become a Youtube sensation. Word on the streets is that Froggy Fresh is Tyler Cassidy (his credited name on iTunes) who was beginning to leak some conventional rap songs to the public and was, perhaps, about to attempt to launch an album under his real name. Take a listen to what is thought to be the latest from Tyler Cassidy, “Heartbreak Hotel.”

I, for one, would hate to see Tyler break with his Froggy Fresh persona prematurely. As talented as he is, his comedy has expanded his audience far beyond anyone who would have ever listened to his conventional music. People who would never be caught dead listening to rap are loving or at least arguing about his songs. The ability to make people laugh is a gift that should not be underestimated. And the story of a young man coming of age and chasing his dreams in the vapid world of hip-hop is ripe for satire!

From the moment I spit out my coffee while laughing at his Christmas video and then saw him bawling his eyes out in an unsettlingly sincere motivational video blog, I thought, ‘this kid could be the new Andy Kaufman’ and ‘this boy needs to be on Letterman!’

I’ll just assume that someone from The Late Show is reading this. David Letterman has a long history of playing the straight man in awkward interviews with eccentric personalities including multiple appearances with Andy Kaufman–and everyone probably remembers his interview with Joaquin Phoenix.

Here’s my back-seat producer goal for 2013. Froggy Fresh appears on the Late Show with David Letterman to perform one of his new songs–with Money Maker Mike, of course. About half way through, he makes a mistake and starts to flounder awkwardly. Letterman walks over to console Froggy Fresh and encourage the audience to applaud. Froggy Fresh then starts to get choked up and launches into a reprise of his “Hopes and Dreams” motivational speech.

One last example. This is Letterman’s interview with the young film director, Harmony Korine. Doesn’t get much more awesomely awkward…Let’s get this boy on Letterman!

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