Neat Stuff – 12 Videos – DOUBLE VIDEO BONANZA

First, some performances on a couple unconventional musical instruments, the Jaw Harp (or Jew’s Harp) and the HAPI Drum:

Have you checked out TEDEducation channel yet? You should…and here are some cool videos to prove why:

Last week was Boring Week at Everything is Terrible…and these videos are dandies:

For the fanboy-nerd-types out there, here’s Adam Savage showing off his C-3PO statue and a costume (from Miyazaki’s Spirited Away) he wore at last year’s Comicon in San Diego:

Two fascinating lectures given at Singularity University with very optimistic outlooks for both longevity (to the point of indefinite lifespans for people alive today) and for finding signs of alien life:

And just to cleanse your palate of any heavy ideas your brain may be struggling to carry away from the previous videos…here are some classic Daffy and Porky videos (man, I love YouTube):

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