Lindsey Graham offers 1 million to drone victims

At an event in Columbia, South Carolina, Senator Lindsey Graham continued to make light of Senator Paul’s recent filibuster by offering 1 million dollars “if you or your family is killed by a drone.” He also continues to promote the idea that the entire planet is now a “battlefield” in the war on terror and doubled down on the president’s kill list.

If we’ve done anything here we’ve made it too hard to put people on this list.

No word on just exactly when this war will end. I expect it’s like the War on Poverty, Drugs, Christmas…

The real question is, how in the world can one person be so ignorant of history and the corrupting influence of power? Senator Graham often responds to concerns over civil liberties with trite personal observations. These are his comments from an interview at CPAC a few weeks ago.

So really the men and women who pull the trigger on drones and who drop bombs, I know them. I know the pains they go through to prevent collateral damage. Uh, I really…we’re not the SS…we’re a very ethical military. The thought that goes into targeting people is, uh, incredible…


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