Suprising? Rand Paul Blows Out Iowa Poll

BREAKING: Senator Rand Paul is running away with a recent (very early) Iowa presidential poll put out by Freedom to Choose PAC. Rand Paul comes in at 39% with the closest competition, Marco Rubio at 20%. In February, Senator Paul was trailing Senator Rubio by 1 point at 15%, according to a PPP poll.

They surveyed 804 registered Iowa voters using phone interviews. 328 usually  participated in the Republican presidential caucuses, and 247 said they usually  participated in the Democratic caucuses. The poll was conducted on April 18 and  has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.9 pts.

If the Republican presidential caucuses were to be held today, for whom would you vote?

20% Marco Rubio

10% Jeb Bush

11% Chris Christie

3% Bobby Jindal

39% Rand Paul

3% Condoleezza Rice

5% Other

Special thanks to NY-Dano over at

Today’s poll results put the recent media attacks against Senator Paul in perspective. Mordor is displeased! I haven’t seen anyone posting the original details on the poll. Here it is.

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