What was in the recently deleted article from the Guardian?

The article (now removed) alleges secret European deals to hand over private data to the U.S. government. EXCLUSIVE. Audio of the article:

We warn our readers that the article may have been removed for a good reason and, then again, maybe they finally made some powerful people mad when the focus came off of the U.S. For now, caveat emptor.

The Business Insider reports: The article, titled “Revealed: secret European deals to hand over private data to America,” was written by Jamie Doward, who reported information from Wayne Madsen, a former Navy Lt. and NSA employee for 12 years.

The article describes Madsen as having “been attacked for holding controversial views on espionage issues.”

That’s a light way of putting it.

Some of Madsen’s controversial views include the belief that President Obama is secretly a homosexual and that the Boston bombing suspects were government agents. He’s also reported on a “former CIA agent” alleging the 2000 USS Cole bombing was perpetrated not by al Qaeda terrorists, but by a missile fired from an Israeli submarine.

John Schindler, a professor at the Naval War College and intelligence expert, called Madsen “batsh– crazy, to use the technical term.”

The pulled article now bears the message, “this article has been taken down pending an investigation” but appears to still be on tomorrow’s front page of the print edition. It was originally published in The Observer, a Sunday newspaper owned by The Guardian and hosted on their website.

You can read the article in full as archived on the website pastebin.
hxxp://pastebin.com/yMGTZ1PZ# (replace the xx’s with ‘tt’)

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