UPDATE: Amash’s NSA amendment failed 205-217

Stay tuned for a list of how congress members voted. It’s RINO season!

You can find your representative’s contact information HERE.  

Congressional Switchboard Number: (202) 224-3121
Live coverage of congressional debate may begin around 12pm:

A critical vote is happening tomorrow, July 24th, on the Defense Appropriations Bill in the House of Representatives. The bill gives taxpayer money to fund defense programs, including NSA surveillance. Click the image below and enter your zip to be connected with your representative. You’ll be given a simple script to read or use as a model.

Yesterday, an important bipartisan amendment to that bill was green-lighted to be voted on tomorrow. Proposed by Rep. Justin Amash (MI), the amendment would remove funding for blanket collection of phone records and metadata from cell phone service providers.

The summary of the amendment on the House of Representatives website reads:

Ends authority for the blanket collection of records under the Patriot Act. Bars the NSA and other agencies from using Section 215 of the Patriot Act to collect records, including telephone call records, that pertain to persons who are not subject to an investigation under Section 215.

The vote on this bill is critical. We need to flood Congress with calls in support of the amendment, and hold our representatives accountable.

If you care about the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution and if you believe that privacy is critical to liberty, now is the time to act.

Just a few dozen calls to a single representative can change the way they vote.

This bill will not pass without our support. Tell Congress that you care about privacy. Call your representative now.

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