Rep. Justin Amash on FOX News Sunday

(8/4/13) Rep. Justin Amash and former NSA and CIA Director Gen. Michael Hayden join Fox News Sunday in an interview with Chris Wallace for a discussion and debate about the NSA data collection practices. Gen. Hayden rejected efforts to rein in the power of the NSA and compared the right of the NSA to collect data to the right of the I.R.S. to demand financial data from all Americans. The General also mused on ‘all the good’ Boromir could have done if he wouldn’t have been prevented from seizing The Ring from Frodo in The Pass of Caradhras.

The Ring would give me the power of Command. ‘How I would drive the hosts of Mordor, and all men would flock to my banner.’

Boromir strode up and down, speaking ever more loudly. Almost he seemed to have forgotten Frodo, while his talk dwelt on walls and weapons, and the mustering of men; and he drew plans for great alliances and glorious victories to be; and he cast down Mordor, and became himself a mighty king, benevolent and wise. (The Lord of the Rings | J.R.R. Tolkien)

New details from Glenn Greenwald:



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