Submit questions for Edward Snowden LIVE chat Thurs 1/23

Edward Snowden is hosting a Q&A on his official support site,, this Thursday 23rd January at 3pm EST. You can submit your questions to Edward by using the hashtag #AskSnowden on Twitter. THE EVENT IS LIVE NOW:

If you are logged in to Twitter, you can submit your question down below the live twitter feed, below. You’ll want to click the link above to read Snowden’s live responses.

Snowden is expected to respond to President Obama’s proposal for modest reforms to the NSA.  He’ll also likely respond to accusations from a few U.S. officials that he had ‘help from Russia’ or is a defector.  Read his initial response to those claims published by the New Yorker today here.

TIP: It’s best to submit the questions starting tomorrow, the day of the event. We’ve set up a widget where you can see questions people around the world are already submitting:

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