Fireworks as Hannity and Buchanan debate intervention and Charlie Hebdo

Believe it or not, an interesting debate transpired on Friday between Pat Buchanan and Sean Hannity. The subject was Buchanan’s somewhat surprising take on the Charlie Hebdo cartoons which supposedly inspired the recent violence in France. The conversation goes much deeper, however, when Buchanan makes points about the neocon’s unwavering support of intervention–which has the predictable result of increased terrorism in the West. I’m sure our readers won’t agree completely with everything from either side in this debate–which makes it all the more worth hearing. I recommend hearing the whole clip, below, but there’s a real zinger (at 28:15) when Buchanan brings up the hypocrisy of Hannity wringing his hands over the plight of Christians which has gotten exponentially worse since the fall of Saddam and after other recent military interventions–all supported by neoconservatives and President Obama.

Fast forward to about 16:15 to get to the audio segment including Pat Buchanan:

For more on Pat Buchanan’s views, read his recent blog post, “To Die for Charlie Hebdo?”

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