Live Lecture by Edward Snowden “Countering Lawful Abuses of Digital Surveillance”

Tomorrow, Edward Snowden will be presenting a talk at MIT on digital surveillance. The topic looks fascinating and original. Here’s a rundown of the topic posted on MIT’s website.

Against the law: countering lawful abuses of digital surveillance
The FBI argues that universal government access to personal devices is justified by the threat of terrorism, but around the world, digital surveillance is leading to the disappearance of journalists, human-rights workers, and dissidents. History tells us that many jurisdictions can secure easy access to court orders to monitor civil society, particularly those with poor records on human rights. Can researchers provide a means to protect the work of journalists that is more reliable than law, and what are the collateral risks?

Reportedly the live stream starts at 8:30am and it appears that Edward Snowden’s talk starts at 9:00am.

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