Intel Report: Election Hacked because Russia Today and Occupy Wall Street!

One of the items sited as evidence that the Russian government meddled in the 2016 U.S. election is, seriously, the number of Youtube views of Russia Today’s channel. Okay, I guess I’ll throw our cold warrior friends a bone. Russia Today is infested with propaganda from…wait for it, the Russian government.

Full disclosure: I’ve actually been interviewed by Russia Today and featured in a video covering the Iowa caucuses way back in 2007. I was a grassroots advocate for Ron Paul—working on the media team of the Ron Paul Blimp, of all things! Here’s my initial reaction posted on Facebook.

First, let’s throw the CIA and cold warrior friends a bone. You’ll notice that they actually site the fact that Russia Today has tons of Youtube views (more than CNN and BBC) as evidence of Russian meddling. I guess you nailed it, CIA. I was interviewed by RT way back in 07 in Iowa – I was suspicious of why they featured Ron Paul so prominently when our own media would ignore him even as he won straw polls and had multiple successes. Yeah, they probably liked the fact that he was anti neo-con. To be blunt. Can you blame them? It’s good to be wary, but this is so weak…

You can scroll down (way down) to read the entire report.

Various takes…

Seems like a good time to look back at Colin Powell’s statement regarding the CIA and many other agencies…

When I was through, I felt pretty good about it. I thought we had made the case, and there was pretty good reaction to it for a few weeks. And then suddenly, the CIA started to let us know that the case was falling apart — parts of the case were falling apart. It was deeply disturbing to me and to the president, to all of us, and to the Congress, because they had voted on the basis of that information. And 16 intelligence agencies had agreed to it, with footnotes. None of the footnotes took away their agreement.

Here’s the report. Pretty snazy layout:

2017.01.06 – DNI by zerohedge on Scribd

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