A Day of Violence from DailyKos

The intolerance and violence from the left is reaching a boiling point. Take a look at these comments from the far left site, DailyKos.com. Keep in mind, the following comments are from a post in which the author bragged about actually assaulting a Trump supporter.

I keep thinking that maybe, just maybe, if a few more of the original Nazis had been punched in the face early on things might’ve been different. – mflinn

I strongly dislike violence; no one’s speech should be shut down by violence, and all protest should be peaceful. But I don’t really have any sympathy when it’s Milo and Richard Spencer, sorry. Being rabble-rousers themselves, they’re the last people to have the right to complain about violence and chaos at their events. – hamcram

Check out this #FakeNews induced madness…

We installed an illegitimate fascist government today, peopled by crooks and incompetents, and led by the puppet of a hostile foreign power. That’s all ​I’m ​seeing today — compared to this, the acts of a few knuckleheads don’t warrant my attention. – laughinggravy

Thank goodness, there are exceptions to these calls for unhinged violence:

I’ve been on the left my entire life. I’ve been on DailyKos forever. But all I see right now in the U.S., despite what people are saying here, is the left losing its mind and acting like thugs.

If I am shocked, offended, and embarrassed, I can’t imagine how this is playing in (R) households.

It’s ugly. I’m backing away from the American left, day by day. Not toward the right, but surely there must be something better than this in our public spaces.

Shutting down speech events, assaulting attendees, etc. Ugly. – nobody at all


These comments are nothing new for DailyKos.

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