Meet TrigglyProf of NYU

UPDATE: According to multiple sources on Twitter, the woman claiming to be a professor is actually a performance artist by the name, Rebecca Goyette. Brilliant trolling, regardless.

Leave it to a professor at NYU to encapsulate everything you ever needed to know about the regressive left. It appears the internet has deemed her (sorry if mispronouned) “TrigglyProf.”

Black bloc “anti-fascists” attacked right-wing media figure Gavin McInnes outside a New York University building on Thursday night.

McInnes was there to give a talk to students, but was incessantly interrupted by hecklers. Afterward, masked black bloc protesters assaulted the controversial former Fox News personality and sprayed him with mace. Eleven people were eventually arrested.

Meanwhile, a New York University professor screamed at the police for not engaging in violence against McInnes and his followers (the so-called “Proud Boys”). Her tirade was captured on video. – 2/3/2017 Reason

Did I hear her note the race of one of the cops? Wow. The complete video for context.

I think this begs the question, “Will #TrigglyProf get a raise for bravely protecting her delicate students or, at least, be made chair of her department?” Any guess what classes she teaches?

UPDATE…For those up on memes:

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