Froggy Fresh lets the mask drop working with Vermin Supreme’s agent

Well, it’s officially no longer 2012. Last night, Froggy Fresh, a.k.a. Tyler Cassidy, let the mask drop and did his first ‘real’ video. The reactions online were mixed. If you’re not aware, Froggy Fresh is the greatest performer of all time. In the hip-hop world he’s knows as, “The Baddest.” Scroll down for the sobering announcement.

His producer or agent is going to be Philip Shive who also works with (I have no idea how you produce for this guy!) the performance artist/perpetual presidential candidate, Vermin Supreme. Mr. Shive also works with folks from Tim and Eric. *Scroll down for his contact info. for those interested in booking a show.

The announcement:

Personally, I found the video a bit odd considering it purported to be promoting an upcoming tour, while leaving people with the impression that Froggy Fresh, the character, was finished. I say, “impression,” because I don’t think that is what Mr. Cassidy intended. I suspect we’ll see another video soon with a press kit or some kind of hint at what we’ll be seeing on tour.

Playlist of essential hits…


If you are a University, a Comic-Con, a Music Festival, or even a small venue, and are interested in having me perform live, e-mail my friend Philip Shive at:

You can also find Philip’s other contact info at:

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