Burn the Russia-denier! Dailykos attacks Greenwald

Establishment Democrats are (still) losing their minds over Russia and now they’ve decided to attack their own liberal allies who aren’t towing the conspiracy line. If only they could step outside of their derangement, they would see that they are doing what all extreme partisans do. In other words, they sound remarkably like Dick Cheney and the right wing circa 2003.

1. Characterize your own ideas as patriotism and beyond reproach.
2. Catastrophizing or exaggerating everything. Russia/Putin = ISIS.
3. Completely blind to counter-evidence. After all, see #1 and repeat.

Take a look at this comment from the ‘liberal’ activism website, Daily Kos. LANGUAGE WARNING. The article is, of course, portraying the Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, Glenn Greenwald as a Judas standing in the way of their righteous mission of liberating the U.S. from a hostile takeover by Vladimir Putin.


You heard it here first, folks. We can now add “Russia denialism,” to the epitaphs you can throw at anyone who questions the #RussiaAteMyHomework narrative.

Just spend one minute looking at these outrageous comments.

Total witch hunt.

Despite a lack of evidence of actual collusion, the Democrats continue to triple down on pushing Russian conspiracy theories. This remains the convenient road for the establishment, wishing to distract from their failed leadership, but it’s leading their party further into the ground.

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