Jimmy Dore is destroying the media’s Russian conspiracies

Jimmy Dore is a full blown progressive, probably a socialist, but he is having none of the left’s “Russia hacked the election,” conspiracies. In fact, he calls it what it is, ‘deflection’ and ‘xenophobia.’ *I recommend sharing these videos (especially the second one) with your liberal friends. Let me know their reactions.


In this next video, Jimmy Dore debunks most of the alleged ‘evidence’ of Russian meddling.

I wish Jimmy would have included the ‘evidence’ often cited by liberals, infected with Russian xenophobia, that the GOP changed their platform to favor Russia in regards to Ukraine. You can read more about that here.

This attempt to equate Trump’s opposition to arming Ukraine with some sort of treasonous allegiance to Putin masks a rather critical fact: namely, that the refusal to arm Ukraine with lethal weapons was one of Barack Obama’s most steadfastly held policies… – Glenn Greenwald

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