Donna Brazile: The Russians Invaded Us

Overlooked by most of the media, Donna Brazile made some bizarre statements on the Daily Show just before her half-hearted apology appeared in a Time op-ed. It was a full charm offensive that was unneeded given the friendly territory that Trevor Noah provided. Read Donna’s statement here.

BRAZILE: Thankless job. First time I was chair was over Easter break and it was really nice. This time it was over the break from Hell because the Russians invaded us.

Watch her (fake) apology at around 12 minutes. It appears clear that Donna does not regret sharing emails with the Clinton campaign. She regrets getting caught.


This may be a bad time for Donna to be turning to the ‘Russia, Russia, Russia!’ excuse. This article in The Intercept shows how many top Clinton surrogates are worried they can’t deliver any real Russian scandal:

Key Democratic officials are clearly worried about the expectations that have been purposely stoked and are now trying to tamp them down. Many of them have tried to signal that the beliefs the base has been led to adopt have no basis in reason or evidence.

The latest official to throw cold water on the MSNBC-led circus is President Obama’s former acting CIA chief Michael Morell. What makes him particularly notable in this context is that Morell was one of Clinton’s most vocal CIA surrogates….


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