Evelyn Farkas is a political animal

The more interviews of Evelyn Farkas I look at, the more I wonder, “Why did any of her superiors ever think it was a good idea to let her speak on camera?”

“Loose lips sink ships,” they say and it appears her appearance on MSNBC may have done just that. (If you’re new to this story, go here before proceeding.)

What I’d like to focus on is an interview she gave with Ezra Klein back on February 16, 2017. There’s a lot to say about this sprawling hour plus interview, but a particularly revealing moment happens around 50:35 when Evelyn Farkas states,

Brexit had everything to do with Syria. I don’t think you would have had Brexit if you hadn’t had the outflow of refugees as a result of the war in Syria. Evelyn added, trailing off in hushed ironic laughter, “And maybe you wouldn’t have had Donald Trump. I’m not sure…”

Next, let’s just mention the tone of this interview as she casually remarks about arming Syrian rebels and setting up a provocative no-fly zone in Syria. While I find her ideas deeply disturbing, it’s actually refreshing to hear her speak so openly about her terrible ideas…over a soy milk latte, of course!

I’m seeing these conversations as an eye-opening example of how these young liberals glibly view the world. It’s almost like listening in on them hanging out at some D.C. hipster bar filled with youngish State Department employees.

Now, set your latte down for a moment and remember, many of our U.S. officers, and certainly General Joseph Dunford, view her ideas—a no-fly zone in Syria—as a dangerous step towards World War III.

Right now, Senator, for us to control all of the air space in Syria would require us to go to war. Against Syria and Russia. That’s a pretty fundamental decision that certainly I’m not going to make. (Sen. McCain was not pleased.)

As reported by Fox News, “Evelyn Farkas was once considered the most senior policy officer for Russia within the Pentagon,” and it was rumored that she was set to have a role in the not to be administration of Hillary Clinton, with whom Farkas shared a much more hawkish view of the world.

Is this soy milk organic? Almond milk?

Here’s a little known clip of Evelyn Farkas speaking with The Young Turks and touting about every deranged Russian conspiracy theory you can think of.

Evelyn Farkas alleges Russians were meddling in the 2016 election before the election.

They’re doing a lot of damage to us, internally, in reducing confidence in our electoral system.” – Nov, 6 2016

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