Sen. John Cornyn’s Ministry of Truth

If you needed any more proof this whole #RUSSIA thing is making everyone really, really dumb, look no further than (R) Senator John Cornyn’s comments during Intelligence Committee hearings on alleged Russian meddling. You tell me, did he just muse on the efficacy of creating a “Ministry of Truth?” Senator, do you even 1984, bro?


Senator John Cornyn was already the proud recipient of an “F” ‘Liberty Score‘ from the folks over at Conservative Review. After these recent remarks, they may want to consider creating a special needs category for the senator.

Sen. Cornyn is known for other gems like this retort to critics of government overreach in the (badly named) Patriot Act. “None of your civil liberties matter much after you’re dead.” Heavy stuff.

Note: Here’s an example of the abuse and threats being thrown at journalists on the left who aren’t joining in on the Russia madness. Follow this guy and ‘Viva la #Résistance’

Trivia: Guess how many times the U.S. government has admitted to meddling in foreign elections?

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