Watergate level: Obama admin spied on Sean Hannity

Mike Cernovich, the man who broke the Susan Rice scandal, says the Obama administration spied on Sean Hannity of Fox News and possibly many more members of independent and conservative media. If true, this may be bigger than Watergate.

The allegation is that the Obama administration monitored people just outside of the official transition team in an attempt to have plausible deniability that they literally surveilled the Trump team.

I have been told that when Susan Rice says, ‘that they were not surveilling the transition members.’ Um, I don’t know if that part’s true, but I can tell you 100% they were surveilling people who were on the sort of unofficial transition. These are people who are helping out on the side. People like Erik Prince, people like Sean Hannity. These are folks who were having their phones monitored. Their phones were drained of power…

I can tell you 100% Sean Hannity was surveilled and had to change all of his material…change the situation on his phone…This is a serious, a serious situation. And what I’m being told is I’m getting more information later today on how they did the surveilling and how they started planting the Russia narrative. But it’s looking a little crazy right now…

– Chuck Johnson of GotNews

Update. Reports that Pres. Obama spied on Donald Trump as far back as 2011.

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