What if Condi Rice had spied on Obama admin?

It probably helps to not have supported either Mrs. Clinton or Mr. Trump to see clearly just how hypocritical most of the left is being on every aspect of the #RUSSIA thing. Leaving aside the fact that neocons and war hawks like Dick Cheney, David Drum and Bill Kristol are joining in the fun. What kind of liberal thinks, “Oh cool, the architects of the Iraq War agree with me!”

Here are two tests you should run before doubling down on a course of action.

What if the shoe was on the other foot? & Proportionality

Let’s imagine we’re back in 2008 and let’s switch our brands of rice. Would the elites in the media have rushed to the defense Condoleezza Rice if she was involved in allegedly spying on the incoming Obama administration?

Just replace the Rice…

Keep in mind, establishment figures in both parties have been accusing Trump officials of collusion with Russia for over a year and yet, there is still no evidence. There is, however, lots of McCarthyism and guilt by association.


Our own U.S. government officially admits to meddling in foreign elections 81 times (NPR). Everything about the #Russia narrative is being exaggerated. It takes a leftist like Noam Chomsky to say the unspeakable. *Check out the link.

P.S. It’s time to pardon Edward Snowden.

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