A sampling of Coachella from Radiohead to Lorde

I rarely check in with pop music, but I’ve been somewhat impressed with a few videos I’ve seenĀ posted from this year’s Coachella.

Radiohead had a terrible experience with the sound technology, yet managed to perform a few numbers beautifully and unscathed by glitches. *I’m fairly pro-self-driving cars, but if Radiohead can’t perform glitch free, perhaps we should rethink this whole thing? Ever the gentlemen, Radiohead didn’t storm off the stage. They made the best of it.

Here are some highlights from several bands.

“I can’t get a job, so I live with my mom…” Sung, I assume, unironically by the crowd in between snapchats.

I will say this, what a lame crowd for such a good performance!

Lorde debuted a new song that explored the depths of woe experienced by a 20 year old with epic first world problems. I’m a fan of Lorde, but I hope this song isn’t a hint of the vapidness to come. Language Warning.

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