Dems won’t let go of Russia

Many Democrats refuse to let reality rip Russia conspiracies from their cold dead hands. You might say they’ve finally embraced Glenn Beck circa 2009.

Even when a fellow progressive warns them, it’s just so hard to let go. Michael Tracey, investigative reporter for The Young Turks, recently wrote the following for CNBC. You’ll want to check out the comments down below.

…Now, liberals who’ve spent the past nine months outraged at Trump’s inchoate attempts to forge d├ętente with Russia – or at minimum, not arbitrarily antagonize Putin – seem to have gotten their wish: Trump has suddenly reversed course and attacked Russia’s client state, the Assad government, thereby aligning himself far more with the Clinton position vis-a-vis Syria than the one he espoused during the campaign. Dmitry Medvedev, the Russian prime minister generally regarded as among the most pro-Western of the Kremlin’s ruling elite, went so far as to declare the two nations’ relationship “ruined.”

“Given Trump’s clear impulsivity and belligerent tendencies, the last thing Democrats ought to be doing is incentivizing him to take a needlessly hostile stance toward Putin — or any other world leader, for that matter.”

If they had meant what they’d been screeching ad nauseam, Democrats would be cheering both Trump and Pompeo. Trump has fulfilled their demand for more belligerence toward Russia; Pompeo now affirms the very anti-WikiLeaks theories that they’d so intently propagated. So why don’t beleaguered Democrats claim victory?

Perhaps because in truth, Democrats will never be satisfied. They have already woven such an elaborate theory as to the centrality of Russia in their strategy for stymieing Trump, and devoted so much political capital to the enterprise, that relenting now would make them appear utterly foolish. So they will likely press on – prominent liberal media personalities have already dismissed this month’s Syria strikes as a mere ‘distraction’ from the core matter of “Russia-gate.”


I wonder how so-called progressives will respond…


I should note that it’s almost impossible to distinguish between liberals these days and a parody (satire) account.

Here’s a good point.

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