Regime Change Doublespeak and Dianne Feinstein

An intrepid reporter steps forward to ask a timely question at a town hall featuring Senator Dianne Feinstein, an influential member of the Senate who recently oversaw the nation’s 16 intelligence agencies as chair of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. It’s a thoughtful and probing question on Syria, so, of course, it doesn’t come from a major network reporter or even a supposedly intellectual paper/magazine. It’s Michael Tracey of The Young Turks.

Given the lessons of Iraq and Libya, what confidence should your constituents have that the United States can successfully effectuate “regime change” in the Middle East (Syria)?

After spending a good deal of time publicly calling for the overthrow of Assad in Syria only a few minutes before this question, what do you think she replies when confronted with this fact? Watch the full video here.

And that, my friends, is the ‘Through the Looking-Glass’ logic of neocon politics.

Notice her condescending disdain as she comes to realize that this reporter isn’t just another stenographer already on board with her vapid worldview and war mongering.

I don’t want to get into semantics…I think you know what I was saying. Okay?

And why should she get into semantics? No one at The New York Times cares and CNN? Forget about it!

Notice, too, her assistant who attempts to prevent his master (puppet?) from being exposed in a contradiction with, “Thank you, everyone. Okay, we’re done.” (Senator Feinstein is 83 years old.)

That man is more right than he knows. If this story doesn’t get out and this insanity isn’t exposed, we are headed into another endless war in Syria and the expansion of ISIS throughout the Middle East.

We’re done.

Read Michael Tracey’s account of this here.

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