Finally a real Twin Peaks trailer

Twin Peaks is back and David Lynch is definitely back in town.

The drenched sepia tone is still there, if only a bit. However, the world feels a bit more like “Mulholland Drive” or even “Lost Highway?”

One encouraging note. David Lynch seems very uninterested in going all SJW according to a recent interview from Wired. Gee, I can’t wait for Twin Peak to be all about Donald Trump!

Your work has always some­what obliquely reflected Amer­ican culture. Do you feel a responsibility, as an artist, to reflect this sense of post­election anxiety in the world?

David Lynch: Zero responsibility. Do your work. Catch those ideas that you fall in love with and make them realized. – From Wired.

Mr. Lynch, unlike Mark Frost, has a fairly solid record of staying untainted by politics. Poor Mark has been seeing Putin in his soy lattes throughout the election cycle.

Kyle MacLachlan appeared on The Tonight Show last night. Man, Jimmy Fallon is so annoying and sycophantic.

Here’s the previous cryptic trailer:

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