#DeepState makes the next move

UPDATE: You can watch AG Jeff Sessions testimony here and here at 2:15pm EST.

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Things escalated quickly…

Get ready for the next move by the #DeepState against Donald Trump. Today, Judge Napolitano chimed in to warn, ‘Sessions Is In A Very Dangerous Position.’

Let’s take a look back at the infamous “Golden Shower” dossier. Rush Limbaugh, believe it or not, had an interesting take in response to a caller today:

So this dossier was created. It was manufactured out of whole cloth. There’s nothing in it that’s true, and everybody involved in it knows this, even the media that’s lying about whether or not it’s accurate. It was created to show to Trump, and it was presented to him as, “By the way, Mr. President, none of this is true. But this is an example of the kind of stuff that we dig up. This is an example of the kind of stuff you could expect to see, and this is what we would like to prepare you for as often as it happens. This is why we need to meet with you every day.”

So that was the pretext for briefing Trump on January 6th, but I think the use of this dossier to brief Trump… I think they were lying. I don’t think that the purpose for showing it to Trump was to show him what’s possible out there. I think it’s much more devious than that. I think the dossier is manufactured — it’s pure, unadulterated lies — but they’re salacious enough that American gospel people would love it, like TMZ and the Drive-By Media. All that matters then, is if the intelligence community shows it to Trump, that makes it news.

Whether it’s accurate or not is irrelevant. All the IC (intelligence communities) have to do is tell the media, “We showed this to the president.” Bam! It becomes news. Whether it’s true or not is irrelevant. It’s news. “President Trump today was shown a dossier, intelligence sources tell the New York Times, and in the dossier, he is accused of hiring prostitutes…” And that got the ball rolling. And my theory is, that’s why it was done, that everybody involved here knew this thing was bogus, that nobody was fooled by anything.

That they used this as a pretext, in essence, to begin media coverage of this so that the media coverage would understandably be critical of Trump and raise questions about his morality and his behavior and so forth. I think it’s BS that they wanted to explain to Trump the difference between fake intelligence and real intelligence. I don’t believe they wanted to give him a heads-up at all. I think all of that is total BS. I think all they wanted to do was show it to him, and that makes the dossier come to life, because that then makes a news story.
“Intelligence community officials today shared with President Trump the details of a recently discovered document which purports to have the president hiring prostitutes to urinate on beds in Moscow.” Blah blah blah blah. The story is born, and it goes and goes. But it’s so bad and so fake, the Drive-Bys don’t report it. So the intel community makes a deal with BuzzFeed, and they run it uncorroborated, and, bammo! It’s now in the public domain.

The fact that the intelligence community showed it to Trump gave the media the cover they needed to report it. Nobody could say the media was making it up, nobody could say the media wrote it. “Hey, we’re just standing by here watching what happens, and we learned that the IC showed this to Trump.” Bammno! It makes it a new stories. And then after that, Comey and Brennan can come along and say, “Well, we take it very seriously.
“We suspected that it was about to appear in the media. We heard that media had been told about it. We needed get out in front of it, and we needed to brief Trump on it,” and bammo! You have the total, phony, fake birth of a news story that was planned from the get-go. From the writing of the memo to the planned usage of it, to how they were gonna get it in the public domain, the whole thing has been a hoax in which Brennan and Comey willingly participated, with the media and with intelligence community.

All of it rotates around the center nucleus that is the coup, the silent coup to get rid of Trump.

More: https://www.rushlimbaugh.com/daily/2017/06/12/comey-and-brennan-were-duped-by-the-dossier/

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