How David Lynch Broke Television

Episode 8 of the new Twin Peaks was pretty much a stand alone movie—albeit an origin story of the evil demonic-force, BOB and, perhaps, an origin story for Laura Palmer, herself.

It is probably the strangest thing that has ever been aired on television.

All of it has the joy and strangeness of a world-class director getting to do what no one has gotten to before or will since: make an 18-hour art project unbeholden to anyone else’s idea of longform visual media and have it distributed on a major American television network…

Check out more from Alison Herman’s terrific article here.

I think Alison nailed something about Mr. Lynch when she used the word, “joy,” in connection with his work. David Lynch is a man and an artist with a child-like joy in the act of creating moving images.

In my opinion, there really can’t be spoilers for something this bizarre. However, if you are a fan of surrealism or even just The Twilight Zone, you really should find a way to watch the episode in its full form.

Here are some of the most out-there clips I could compile from Youtube:

This is cool…

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