Rand Paul is causing trouble again, too bad he’s alone

UPDATE: Senator Paul is likely to get a vote on his amendment on Wednesday. LINK.

ALERT: Rand Paul is speaking against war LIVE on the Senate floor now. LINK. Is your Senator supporting Sen. Paul’s efforts? U.S. Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121.

Senator Paul is currently demanding a debate and an up or down vote on continuing the war in Afghanistan and other ongoing (never ending) wars including Yemen and Syria. In his live remarks he just quoted his father, Rep. Ron Paul, “We just marched in, we can just march out.”

Another year and another Congress continues to turn a blind eye to constitutional principles regarding foreign policy and war. It seems like only one senator is standing against the establishment flood. Senator Rand Paul, almost entirely alone. Reminds me of another Dr. Paul. (Check out Dr. Paul’s lonely tweet storm down below.)


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