Looking back at election night 2016

As we look back at last year’s earthquake of an election, I thought I’d post some videos that you may have missed. For example, MTV’s election night coverage, yes, literally includes puppies and painting therapy. Honestly, I thought this was just a right-wing joke about SJWs. *Down below, you’ll also view other rarely-seen original videos like the complete (available) live footage of the Javits Center, Hillary’s ‘victory’ party.

Let’s get things started with Complex Media’s full election night coverage. Complex Media is apparently a joint venture with Verizon. It’s obviously simply establishment leftist propaganda. Warning, a whole lot of cringe is about to commence.

*This, above, is actually not MTV, but Complex Media again.

And now…MTV on election night…Scroll back in time for more precious moments.

MTV’s election night message, boiled down:

Hillary HQ “Victory” Watch:

Note: 12:22 is when Florida is called for Trump. Magic.

Washington Post Columnist fights back tears before being sent to undisclosed concentrumption camp.

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