Sen. Rand Paul, a libertarian who advocates for reduced federal spending, on Thursday night was blocking a spending bill that must pass by midnight, a move that has the potential to cause a brief government shutdown.

A temporary funding measure expires at midnight, and lawmakers were prepared to pass a bill to both fund the government through March 23 and outline a spending cap deal that would enable spending accords for the next two years… (Washington Examiner) SCROLL DOWN FOR LIVE FEED.

“I think the country is worth a debate until three in the morning, frankly…” – Senator Rand Paul

Here’s what’s happening. The Senate establishment is attempting to pass a deficit creating bill to fund the government–which must be done by 1am. So far, every time a senator attempts to call for a vote, Sen. Paul is objecting and highlighting the outrageous spending in the bill and demanding a vote on an amendment which would oppose some of the spending.


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