Matt Taibbi declared heretic for Russia skepticism

Matt Taibbi is an award winning journalist for Rolling Stone and, of course, he’s a leftist. But here’s the trouble. He’s not pushing the #Russia paranoia narrative. Bad Taibbi, bad!

Here’s what the so-called progressives at Daily Kos have to say in a blog entitled, “Matt Taibbi, the Russiagate Skeptic Speaks Out, and It’s a Heap of Horsesh-t,” with nearly 500 supportive comments. I guess Mr. Taibbi is a sh-thole journalist.

Taibbi is masquerading as a sort of Saint Sebastian of Journalism. He shares his halo with a few other Russia skeptic journalists. All of them are White males with so much privilege that they see themselves as persecuted when anyone disagrees with their opinions.

Speaking for all journalists, Taibbi says, “It’s our job to be skeptical.”

Agreed, but where was the skepticism during the campaign? Was it evenly applied all around without bias? No.

I’m not sure how they missed Taibbi’s book documenting his coverage of the entire Trump campaign, “Insane Clown President?”

So, yeah, he’s got white privilege. Sheesh!

The comments degenerate even further:

Matt Taibbi is a well-known woman-hater and self-described “Russian” expert…

…the Russians have it on tape. (Oh, there’s gotta be another “pee pee tape” right?)

That might explain at least a small part of why he seems to want to protect Russia and attack Mueller, eh what?



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