Insider Ed Butowsky Talks About the Seth Rich Case

If you’re like me, you probably missed this exclusive interview by The Gateway Pundit. It’s an interview with Ed Butowsky who is currently being sued by the Seth Rich family. A particularly haunting quote at 22:21.

Thanks!” (Rod) Wheeler responded, “Reading it now. Malia you can add that I do strongly believe that the answers to who murdered Seth sits on his computer on a shelf at the D. C. Police or FBI headquarters…


For background on this interview, see our story, “Seymour Hersh says Seth Rich connected to WikiLeaks.”

The following comments are (top rated) from the above Youtube video.

To doubt this story you would have to believe that Seymour Hersh is a complete liar, as well as Julian Assange, Craig Murray, Kim Dotcom, Ed Butowsky, and Rod Wheeler. These people are in fact the brave souls willing to speak up and tell the truth in spite of being threatened by the corrupt and powerful within our government. – Alexandra Edwards

I don’t know what’s more disturbing – the murder itself, or the media & DNC calling anyone who simply states the public facts of the case, “a nutty conspiracy theorist.” – Barkeroni

You can find a transcript of highlights from Butowsky’s interview here.

Among mainstream media outlets, it looks like the BBC has taken this story more seriously than American media. The BBC aired this 59 minute documentary on the mysteries surrounding the death of Seth Rich.

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